Mustang’s India Debut

The All-New Ford Mustang roared into India and how! The Mustang set hearts racing and was out there to impress all in its much awaited, first appearance.

We knew the Ford Mustang would be put gruelling tests by the media and we wanted them to do much more than just moving the steering from one side to another. A world-class Formula 1 track, the Buddh International Circuit near Delhi, was a natural fit to demonstrate what this legendary muscle car was capable of.

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The iconic pony wowed the attendees with its legendary design, signature roar and gorgeous colours. About 100 of the most widely followed journalists from varied genres attended the drives over two days. And all of them were equally excited to get behind the wheel of the Ford Mustang, powered by its 5L V8 engine.

Needless to say, all of them behaved like fanboys and girls at their first acquaintance with the pony. Mustang’s India debut signifies what Ford is capable of doing – producing cars that customers want, love and value. Today, Ford boasts of the youngest and freshest portfolio for in India – ranging from a hatchback for first-time car buyers, to a performance SUV and even a performance car.  These capabilities are unique to Ford. We wanted to capture that energy every Ford car enthuses and created a special area before our guests got down to experiencing the showstopper up close and personal.

The excitement at the track was palpable. Nearly everyone approached the Mustang with a child-like enthusiasm, carefully scanning it from tip to toe, like you would a piece of art.

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The first appointment with the car and you expect drivers to adjust their seats, rear-view mirrors  and get into a comfortable position before driving. That was not the case to be with the Ford Mustang. They pressed the peddle to let Mustang’s legendary roar out with a precision that felt like some kind of ritual.

Here’s a glimpse of what transpired in those two-exciting, action-packed days.

Pictures, videos and reviews poured in as nobody could get enough of the sheer craftsmanship and the unbridled power of the legendary muscle car.

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Recreating History in India
Mustang has had its fair share of fanfare in India. With appearances in Bollywood  movies, celebrity status and unparalleled heritage, Mustang has been dearly awaited here. We brought this legendary ‘pony’ to Indian roads and that too in style.

If a car represents the spirit of a time and age and stays in countless hearts forever, it becomes a legend. Ford Mustang is one such car. Back in 1964, Mustang ushered in a new phenomenon of pony cars, defined by their long hood, a fastback roofline and a short back. Soon after launch, Mustang took the motoring world by storm and sold 22,000 units on the first day.

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This is the first time a Mustang has been fully engineered for right hand drive markets and there couldn’t have been a better time for us to bring it to India. Priced at  Rs. 65 lakh, the sixth-generation Mustang GT Fastback made its debut in India in what best befits its cult status.


You see the Mustang and the first word  that comes to mind is spirit of freedom.’
You see the Mustang and the first word  that comes to mind is spirit of freedom.’


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