We Bet You Never Thought About These Road Trip Don’ts, But You Must!

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? If given a chance, most of us will agree to stay on the road for the rest of our lives!

The thought of driving under a halo of clouds or the sound of pouring rain on the twisty mountain roads of the countryside, with windows down, blaring music, and good food, always makes us go crazy with excitement! While the long vistas and the unfamiliar roads keep us hooked to their brimming beauty, we also expect to have a thrilling experience during these trips. But then, there is also a possibility of some misadventures being thrown our way in the middle of our crazy adventures.

It’s always easy to know what to do, but sometimes we forget to focus on the DON’TS. There are a thousand articles on the internet on how to make your road trip worthwhile. So, we decided to compile a slightly different list for you — things that you must NEVER do on a roadtrip.

Do. Not. Ignore. Travel. Insurance – Seems like a ridiculous idea, right? Well, you’d know who to thank if you break a leg (not metaphorically) , need to rush away from a natural disaster, or worst of all, break your camera. Yeah! Travel Insurance will cover that for you! It is a MUST if you’re driving in another country. Baggage loss/theft, medical emergency, cutting the trip short due to family emergency, or getting injured when outside, are a few contingencies you might come across when travelling away from your country, and can be covered by your insurance. So, be a smart traveller.


Don’t be Afraid to Take the Road Less Travelled– Why follow everybody else when you can discover your own path?  Road trips are all about exploring new places, so, go ahead and figure out the least taken routes. Few of the many positives about finding your own route while on the road are—you’ll probably have less traffic, you won’t get to pay expensive tolls, you can get down anywhere you wish to explore the surrounding area, and you will have much cooler road trip stories to tell than any of your friends. 


Don’t Compromise on Your Car. It Can Make or Break It– “Hey,what happened?” asked a stranger. “ Oh, my car just broke down while I was on the most exciting road trip of my life,” replied another stranger. You wouldn’t want to be that stranger with a car, right? When exploring an unchartered territory, cars like the Ford EcoSport and Ford Endeavour could be your perfect companions. The EcoSport, a capable urban SUV with its high-seating position and 200 mm of ground clearance, is perfect to negotiate an odd pothole or puddles of water. If you are feeling adventurous and want to leave the road behind then it may be wise to choose a versatile SUV like Ford Endeavour. These cars are capable enough to let you navigate any terrain, and take the road less taken, with confidence.


Well Begun is Half Done- Roadtrips are a lot more fun when you don’t forget to prepare at least a week in advance. Don’t worry if you still have a few kilometers to clock before your car’s next service is due. Pamper your car with a routine check up before you take it out in the wild.  Here’s what you must do – check oil levels-> check the condition of your car’s tyres -> get a spare tyre -> get your car checked for any other issue. If you have a Ford, you can let our experts take care of your car like their own. Check out Ford Service Price Promise here. This nifty online tool will help you pick the kind of sevice you’re looking for and all you need to know about your service, repair and replacement costs even before you step into our sevice centre. A quick visit to the centre after that, and voila, you’re ready to hit the road!


Never Forget to Take Your Best Friend with You, Even if it’s Your Dog- All we are saying is that the best road trip memories are made with your best buddies! Also, you may get some help while driving, otherwise it might get really exhausting to cover the whole trip alone. Life is anyway so much better with your best friend by your side, isn’t it?


Make Room for Unanticipated Expenses– A well calculated budget over an underestimated one is always better! You never know what situation you might have to face when on the road, so try and save more and know where to splurge. Expensive hotel stays, unnecessary road attractions, unhealthy drive-thru meals etc., are going to cost you so much more than staying in a hostel, buying things/souvenirs from the city you’re travelling to, and getting your own healthy food with you. Don’t take your budget for granted, people!


Unplanned Trip is good but You MUST Know What You are Doing– We love the idea of hopping in a car to just leave for an unplanned journey. Just remember to take all the essentials including healthy snacks, a first-aid kit, a working GPS, and your camera! It’s great to not know the destination but be very aware of the routes that you take, and hitchhikers that you let in your car-please do not make us remind you of the plots of certain Hollywood movies.


And The Most Important of AllDo. Not. Forget. To. Update. Your. Playlist. After all, is it really a road trip without cool music?  Be responsible enough for making your own playlist, so that you and your mates can enjoy some brilliant songs while rolling on the road. If you ask our opinion, we’d suggest you to ‘Go Further’ with Ford’s Sync3 – a voice-activated technology for the next generation. Its new interface and enhanced features allow you to make a voice call, listen to good music, and helps you stay focused on the road.  Visit here, to know more about Sync3.

And that’s how you learn to differentiate between a great trip from a pretty usual one!


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