This Rainy Season, Escape the City Chaos with the Ford Endeavour

It’s that time of year again – the rainy season is here and with it the usual problems – the city comes to a standstill with even worse than normal traffic jams, driving people to the edge.

Traveling in this season offers many advantages over the dry season. So why not escape the chaos of the city, pack up and take a memorable rainy day weekend road trip.

Taking a trip like this requires the right equipment, particularly a vehicle that can handle heavy rains, especially when roads are water logged. The Ford Endeavour’s water wading capabilities, for example, are ideal for such environment.

With 225 mm ground clearance and an ability to wade through water as deep as 800 mm, it is the perfect vehicle for driving in the rainy season. It gives you the confidence to handle some tricky situations nature can throw your way.

A few reasons to consider for a road trip during the rainy season and some tips to help prepare:

Lush landscapes: If you have ever visited the countryside during the summer season, the sight of parched and dusty earth and drying grass isn’t the ideal setting for a getaway!

Frequent showers during the rainy season bring the countryside to life and you’ll find yourself surrounded by bright flowers, lush green jungles and flowing waterfalls – a nature lover’s dream.

A slower pace of life: Trying to relax and leave behind the stress of the city can be difficult during the high season when many of the popular places are crowded with tourists. While in the rainy season, local life returns to its natural state – much slower and more peaceful. It’s the ideal time to truly enjoy the local culture and soak in the tranquility the countryside has to offer.

Splashing puddles: Playing in the rain and mud in your childhood was fun, wasn’t it? Those are perhaps one of the sweetest rain memories. With a Ford Endeavour, you can still do that albeit in the comfort of your car.

Luxury accommodations at bargain prices: During the rainy season, you can find much better deals. When things slow down, hotels and popular restaurants are also more accommodating.

Now that you know the advantages of traveling during the rainy season, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare – if you do you’ll be rushed and will inevitably forget something. If it’s Friday morning when you are heading out, start preparing the Monday before
  • For families traveling on a long road-trip, it is about relaxing and making memories with loved ones. And with kids being cranky, hungry and bored, it can be a task! Pack enough games, books and snack to keep them happy.
  • Family’s safety is the most important thing. Take your vehicle to a service center for a checkup to ensure everything is in order before hitting the road. You don’t want to be in the middle of the countryside and have something go wrong that could have been easily prevented.