Take Your Road Trip International By Travelling To These Countries

Love road trips? Drove to every place possible from your city? How about countries? Yes, you read that right! India being connected to so many countries by land makes it one of the best places to take an international road trip from. All you need is proper planning and necessary permits from countries you would like to visit! Well, it’s that simple!

Read on and start your engines for a trip of a lifetime.



New Delhi is a mere 2,000-odd kilometer away from the Happiest Country in Asia. If you are looking for some peace, quiet and serenity, Bhutan is one of the best options from amongst our neighboring countries for a road trip. Make sure you visit the capital city of Thimphu for its temples and monasteries. And don’t miss out on the valley town Paro from where you can trek up to the sacred Buddhist ground of Paro Taktsang, more popularly known as Tiger’s Nest.



Tallest peaks of the world, great cuisine, friendly locals, cheap shopping and the best views while you’re doing all this. Need we say more? India shares one of its friendliest borders with Nepal, and that makes it possible for us to have an extremely easy entry into the country. At an approximate 800 kilometers from New Delhi, a road trip to Nepal is one of the more easily doable ones.  Once in Nepal, make your way to Pokhara, 200 kilometers west of Kathmandu, for some of the best mountain range views. And if you’re inspired, what better place than Nepal to try your hand at some mountain climbing!



One of the best things to happen in recent times is the India – Myanmar – Thailand tri-lateral highway! At 2,026 kilometers from Kolkata, getting to Myanmar by road is not easy but is well worth the ordeal. This is one of those road trips that, more than transporting you from one place to another, transports you to another time. Get ready to be enamored by majestic Pagodas and scenic water bodies. Visit the capital of Yangon (erstwhile Rangoon) to pay your respects at Shwedagon Pagoda (which is said to house eight hair strands of Gautam Buddha) and climb the Mandalay Hill to get a real sense of the plains that is Myanmar.

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Enjoy the rest of this newly built road and take the party to Bangkok. From the scenic beaches of Phi Phi Islands to adorable elephants near Chiang Mai – Thailand has tons to offer! Clocking in close to 4,200 kilometers, take on this amazingly scenic route in your Ford EcoSport, with its features like Hill Launch Assist and Cruise Control, that’ll make this a road trip to remember.



This is the big one. By some miracle of the continents, it is possible to take an approximately 4,300 kilometers long road trip from our motherland to that of the Russians. The countries you will cross are Nepal, Tibet, China and Kazakhstan before entering Russia. While the road trip will be momentous, so will be your travel within Russia. Make sure you visit St. Petersburg for a taste of the art scene in the country.

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Now that you’ve made your way to Russia, what’s another 900-odd kilometers? Power through and get ready to find yourself in Finland! The Scandinavian country has a lot to offer. Head to the Design District, in the capital city of Helsinki, which is a melting pot of artists and all sorts of creative people. And if you can’t wait to hit the outdoors, make your way to the country’s Arctic Lapland region from where you can see, you guessed it, the Northern Lights! Sure, the journey is long and arduous, but the result is more than worth it.



Concluding this list is the magical land of Turkey. To arrive in Turkey, you will need to drive through an impressive list of countries – Tibet —> China —> Kyrgyzstan —> Uzbekistan —> Turkmenistan —> Iran —> Turkey! A whopping 4,600 kilometers away from India, Turkey is a land that is considered equally enchanting by the west as well as the east. It’s mystical mosques, bustling bazaars and happening nightlife are a major attraction for millions of travelers every year. Stay in Istanbul before heading to the thermal waters of the spa town of Pamukkale and then Antalya for the glorious Turkish beaches!

So where would you drive next?

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