These Road Trips are the Difference between a Tourist and a Traveller

When you take public transport, you go on a pre-defined route. But when you go on a road trip, you explore roads and make your own path. It’s time you take on these unusual and amazing road trips to unveil the routes waiting to thrill you.


Ahmedabad To Diu

With well-connected highways and passes, Gujarat sits at the top when comes to the list of best places for road trips. Take a road trip from Ahmedabad to the coastal town of Diu for an exhilarating experience beholding scenic sights and finally reaching the spectacular shorelines. The minimum distance is around 354 Kms while the longest route takes around 8 hours to reach Diu. To travel comfortably with family, pick Ford Figo which has advanced features of 6 airbags Anti-lock-braking System that makes it smartly safe.


Delhi to Mandawa

Once inhabited by rich merchants, Mandawa still houses grand havelis and forts, most of which have been turned into exotic resorts and hotels. The convenient distance from Delhi makes it a perfect weekend getaway for the ones who have a zest for road trips. Passing from one state to another, the roads will give you a glimpse of village life and abandoned ruins of ancient time.  As you get away from the capital city, the roads get tougher. To ride smooth even on the rocky roads, Ford Endeavour remains one of the best choices for its matchless built which runs unhindered irrespective of the terrains.


Mana Pass

One of the highest motorable passes in the world, not many can claim to have set foot here. Passing the Mana village, referred to as the last village before the border, the road unveils a tough terrain with extremely low temperature and rocky path. What makes the journey worth the dare is the electrifying feeling of looking at another country beyond the border while standing on the highest road in the world. Nature will surprise you with wonders like Deo Taal (Origin of Saraswati river), a rare and incomparable sight. Being a pass to China and situated on the border between India and Tibet, one needs permission from Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) and Indian Army to visit.


Chanshal Pass

For the nomadic impulse inside you, there is a road to take you to a place overlooking snow-capped hills and only serenity all around. Chanshal Pass which is at a distance of about 165 kms from Shimla is recommended as one of the best places for a bike ride. There are two routes to reach Chanshal valley from Shimla, one via Kotkhai and other through Narkanda. The second route takes a bit longer (15 kms) but is a more scenic and untouched than the first one which makes it a truly delightful road trip. After reaching close to the valley, you can also trek to the peak, parking your vehicle along the road and feel the aromatic breeze while feasting your eyes on mystic brown, green and snow-white hill peaks.


Road trips are a journey with yourself offering memories of a lifetime. Be cautious about necessary things to pack and check before you leave, and gauge the beautiful roads that remain unexplored otherwise.


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