The Ultimate List of Foods to Carry For a Road Trip

The joy of taking a road trip is in driving, not in stopping every couple of hours to tackle sudden hunger pangs, isn’t it? So in this edition, Driving Ford is sharing the necessary ingredients for a perfect snack pack that make road trips fun, and healthy.


Pack Well

Carrying enough bottles or packets for the entire group can be a challenge too. Stocking up on food supplies often ends with littering your second home, your car, on the road trip. Traveling in a car like the New Ford EcoSport can take care of where to store them. With more than 25 smart storage compartments, you will always have enough room to stash away everything – from large suitcases to small snack packs and bottles.


Stay Alert

The staple for most road trips includes salty, sugary and fatty snacks such as chips or biscuits. But remember, excessive oil and sugar can cause bloating and lethargy, which could make you drowsy and slow down your reflexes.

Instead, whip up a healthy snack of almonds, raisins, bananas, cranberries and oatmeal, which are all high on energy.


Be Energetic

Staying awake is primary, but if you need a little kick to keep your spirits up, you will need a dose of glucose.

Chop up some of your favourite fruits and make a delicious snack.

Did you know that citrus fruits such as oranges are high in fibre that provides the necessary amount of glucose, without increasing your blood sugar? Make a delicious fruit salad of peaches, apples and oranges to keep energised.

And if fruits are not something you like, whole wheat cheese crackers are also an excellent source of energy. They are easy to pack, and you can munch on them anytime.

Individual packs, with a fistful of dry-fruits and citrus fruits for all travellers, can be tucked in the storage space under the driver arm-rest in the new EcoSport.


Stay Hydrated

It is important that you keep yourself hydrated at all times. Water is the best option, but you can also try a variety of beverages. Avoid sweet soft drinks and go for fruit juices (preferably the ones that don’t have added sugar), lemon juice or even coconut water. Cucumber is also a great source of water and can help you stay hydrated.

Each traveller can carry more than two bottles of their favourite juice in the new EcoSport, which features more than eight compartments for bottles.


For Kids

If you are travelling with an infant or a toddler, you need food that can be stored and consumed without making a mess.

Bananas contain potassium and help maintain the body’s mineral balance. Moreover, they are very filling and can thus reduce hunger pangs.

You can also consider making a salad of carrots, cucumber, corn and peas, mixed with some mayonnaise or olive oil. This can be a yummy yet healthy alternative to chips and cold drinks!

New Ford EcoSport’s glove compartment has ample space to keep snacks for children safe.


Tackle Motion Sickness

Whether young or old, motion sickness is a common ailment, especially when driving in the hills. To ease discomfort and mitigate nausea carry candies those contain peppermint or ginger.

For adults, a great way to keep queasiness in check is to keep sipping a protein drink. You can whip one together by adding a scoop of protein powder to a bottle of water and keep it handy for when the gut starts groaning. You can also look out the Panoramic Sunroof of the Ford Endeavour for a soothing sight and calm the nerves, only when the car is stationary though.

So now you know what you need to pack, watch this video to know all the storage spaces available in the New Ford EcoSport:


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