Tips to Make your Next Trip the Perfect Outdoor Dining Experience

When you and your partner are on the road, you are looking for adventure at every turn.

Every moment is a memory waiting to be created! The only thing that ruins the fun is having to stop at a drive through to get some soggy burgers or pick up packaged snacks when a petrol pump finally turns up!

Packing a perfect picnic basket is a lost art, we know, but don’t lose heart. We have some hacks that can turn your car into a cozy, romantic dining space so you can enjoy the uniquely intimate experience of sharing a fulfilling meal in a car.

Deciding What to Carry

Don’t pick foods that are too oily or need to be accompanied with sauces as they can create a mess. Since you’ll be driving before and after your meals, avoid foods that can make you drowsy such as fast food or desserts. You can choose from sweet colorful bites like macaroons to hummus with veggies and crackers if you are being healthy. There are many options; you just need to be creative.


Packing and Preparation

Wait for the food to cool before you pack it, and use sealable containers to avoid any spillage or spoilage. Carry all beverages that are best consumed cold, in an ice box. Try to avoid placing drinks back in the box if they’ve already become warm- the ice box is more efficient when it’s used to keep drinks cold rather than make drinks cold.


Dining Arrangements

Using the dome light of your car throughout dinner may drain your car battery. Therefore, if you’re planning to stay the night in the wilderness and dine while you stargaze, make sure you carry a solar light that gets charged during the day, just in time for dinner! Plus, it can create a romantic candlelight feel that can add to the experience. Choose the New Ford EcoSport if you need extra space for a comfortable driving and dining experience. With over 25 smart storage compartments, it offers convenient places for coffee cups, bottled drinks, sunglasses, and umbrellas.  You can also fold-flat second-row seats and use an inflatable mattress and a soft bedsheet.


Setting the Scene

Did you know that some scientists suggest that the right music can influence taste buds? Pick music that goes well with your menu for the night to set the perfect mood. Low tones are believed to complement savory starters, while piano notes are said to enhance sweet and bitter tastes. If you’re having a nostalgic moment and want to enjoy some 90s pop, consider pairing those high tones with sweet flavors! Use SYNC 3 to play your favorite tunes hands-free and while you enjoy some delicious food.

Here’s hoping you and your partner have a great drive and dine experience.


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