Try these Exercises to Relax your Muscles Before & After your Drive

Driving long distances, be it for your daily commute or a road trip can at times be tiring, isn’t it? Not if you follow these simple tips to prepare for your long drives. These exercises can rejuvenate your body and more importantly, help you stay energetic throughout the journey. So read on and don’t forget to use them on your next road trip.


For Tired Legs

Maintaining a healthy flow of blood to your legs can avoid muscle cramps from constantly switching between pedals. To do that, rotate each foot at the ankle, five to ten times, both clockwise and counterclockwise. When out of the car, try touching your toes – either just by bending over while you stand or by sitting down and reaching over until your nose touches your knees.

Choosing a Ford automatic can also help. Besides offering comfortable thigh support, all Ford cars come with an option of fun-to-drive, automatics that can make those daily commutes or long-drives a lot more comfortable.


For Fatigued Arms

Your arms can ache from holding the steering wheel too tight or for too long. To release the tension and relax your arms, raise them above your head and stretch them as high as they can go until you are on your toes. Make sure to raise your chin. Try to keep your eyes closed but be careful because you need to balance to stay steady. Next, stretch out your arms on either side till you feel the strain on your waist and lower back.

Before you set out on the drive, make sure that you adjust your steering wheel to a comfortable position that gives you scope to relax your arms. Did you know the new Ford EcoSport offers adjustable steering wheel as a standard feature across the model line-up? Find out more here.


For Aching Back

A little bit of exercise every time you stop to take a break, can get rid of any cramps and soreness in the back and knees.

Stretch one leg forward till it is perpendicular to the ground until you are in the ‘lunge’ position. Next, join your hands and stretch your arms and head back above your head. You will feel the burn in your torso and legs. Once in this position, stay put for 1-2 minutes and breathe heavily. This helps to loosen your back muscles and gets your blood flowing.


For Pain in the Neck

To cure stiffness in the shoulders and neck stand up straight, gently drop your head down and move it in a circular motion from left to right, all the way around your back. Then do it in the reverse direction. Similarly, lift your shoulders and move them forwards, then down, and then backward, and continue this motion for 5-10 counts. This can ease the muscles in your neck and shoulders.

Try these simple exercises next time you plan to hit the road and avoid fatigue, body stiffness and sore muscles.


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