Here’s Why the New Ford EcoSport is Your Perfect Wedding Buddy

A wedding is a celebration of love but the day can also be stressful with emotions are running high! Don’t let the jitters get to you! Instead, use your car as a sanctuary to find a moment of peace and calm. Here are some tips on how with the New Ford EcoSport on your side, the day will be a lot more fun!


Carrying Valuables

You’ll find yourself ferrying a lot of valuables on your wedding day. Whether it is the jewellery you need to carry before you get ready or all those gift envelopes on your way back. An excellent place to keep it away from the world’s prying eyes is to store it under the adjustable load tray in your New Ford EcoSport, where it will remain safe until you need it.


Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential! It will help keep your energy high and see you through all the hustle and bustle. So don’t exhaust yourself and keep some refreshments handy. The New Ford EcoSport with over 25 smart storage spaces and cup holders both in front and at the back will help you there!


Keeping Essentials Handy

You may need a lot of things within immediate reach to hold it all together – from emotions to your final look. Be it sunglasses for when you hop from one venue to the next or your mobile phone that is always hard to locate to spare lipsticks, breath mints, keys, safety pins, tissues, perfumes, the list can go on forever.  Luckily, your New Ford EcoSport can neatly store all your things and find them just when you need to, without a minute of fretting. Watch the video here!


Give A Rest To Those Tired Feet

Someone once said, The perfect pair of shoes is always the most uncomfortable one! So why not keep a pair of flat footwear handy in your New Ford EcoSport’s armrest compartment? It is spacious enough to easily store a pair of shoes that you can access whenever you want.


Keeping Spirits Up With Music

Whether you are cruising to the venue or back home after the celebrations, listening to your favourite tunes will help you relax and instantly lift the mood. The SYNC3 feature that the New Ford EcoSport offers is perfect for this. The system connects directly to your phone through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto allowing you to groove to music at will or even access your favourite apps without taking your hands off the wheels.


And For Everything Else

From all the sweets and dry fruit boxes to a change of clothes, the boot space is perfect for storing all kinds of items that are essential on your big day. With the New Ford EcoSport on your side, with a touch of a button, you can flip the rear seats and get an entirely flat loading area that is perfect for storing all your wedding gifts and trousseau. Watch this video to see it in action.


With these tips, there’s no doubting that you will be as cool as a cucumber when your big day rolls around and make it one to remember for life!

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