Travelling With Kids? Here’s How To Make The Journey More Fun

They say, “It’s the journey that matters, not the destination.” But when you’re travelling with kids, the journey can be long and slightly trying. Well, it doesn’t have to be if you know how to keep them busy during a long drive. So, here are some tips on keeping them entertained and happy.


Audio Books

Kids love stories. Unfortunately, narrating or reading one from a book may not be possible while driving. This is where audiobooks come in handy. Many audiobooks not only tell a story but include exciting sounds and voices that can keep kids entertained for hours and make the journey fun for them. The best part is that you can now download audiobooks and store them on your phone. When needed, play them directly through the SYNC3 feature of your New Ford EcoSport.


Car Games

There are tons of fun car games for kids. Some popular ones include the ‘Name Game’ where one person says a name, and the next person must say a name beginning with the last letter of the previous name. You can even substitute names for places, cars or anything else.

Another fun game is ‘Animal Spotting’ – ask your kids to keep an eye out for animals or birds. The one who spots the most wins the game. A mini karaoke machine also makes a good companion on car journeys for a sing-along session.


Snacks and Drinks

Children are bound to get hungry and thirsty while travelling. So, don’t forget to pack some healthy, (non-messy) snacks. Sandwiches, fruits, and nuts are some of the easiest foods to consume while travelling.

It’s also important to carry water and juice to ensure they stay hydrated throughout. Spill-proof or sippy cups are especially great when travelling with toddlers.


There are other things that you should also consider taking along. For instance, a car-seat is essential when travelling with babies and toddlers, as it ensures their safety and comfort. Also keep a jacket or pullover and some socks at easy reach in case your kid feels cold on the drive. So, start planning all those fun family road trips you’ve always wanted to take!



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