The Perfect Food Trails For Your Next Road Trip

A road-trip coupled with regular doses of scrumptious meals is the recipe for absolute happiness. No matter where you are in India, there is a potential food trail right under your nose. So why not explore them?


The East India Food Trail (West Bengal & Jharkhand)


Tour the neighboring states of Eastern India to have a go at totally contrasting cuisines. While Bengal is famous for sweets and fish, Jharkhand is known to churn out (mostly) vegetarian delicacies that are light on the stomach. Relish the delicacies but if your stomach doesn’t allow the food-overdose, stock up some for home!

 Food Stops: Kolkata, Bardhaman, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur, Mednipur

Days required: 3 – 4 days


Kolkata: Phuchkas, Kathi Rolls, Roshogolla, Kamala-bhog, Sorshe ilish

Bardhaman: Sita Bhog, Mihidana, Lengcha

Dhanbad: Litti Choka, Bamboo shoots, Dhuska

Jamshedpur: Pitha, Mitha Khaja, Thekua

Mednipur: Jhal Muri, Luchi – Aloo Dom

Other recommendations: Fish curries, Mishti Doi, Fakira Chanachur, Rugra mushrooms, Kheer Kadam.


The West India Food Trail (Gujarat & Maharastra)

Covering vast areas, both Gujarat and Maharashtra offer diversity in cuisine within each state, varying with topography and seasons. Gujarat offers the ultimate experience of vegetarian dishes while Maharashtra tries to unite the best of all its regions.

Food Stops: Mumbai, Nashik, Surat, Silvassa

Days required: 2 – 3 days


Mumbai: Vada Pav, Bombil Fry, Mava Samosa, Anda Keema Pav

Nashik: Misal pav, Zhunka-Bhakar, Gulachi Poli

Surat: A quintessential Gujrati Thali comprising farsans, shaaks, dahi, kadhi, raita, khichdi, halwa and much more.

Silvassa: Crabs, Ubadiyu, Gavthi Chicken

Other recommendations: Dhokla, Khakra, Fafda-Jalebi, Pani Puri, Bombay Bhel Puri, Pav Bhaji, Falooda.


The North India Food Trail (Punjab & Haryana)

The two neighbouring states of Punjab and Haryana have a lot to share, yet manage to titillate our taste buds in unique ways. Punjab inculcates an essence of fun and excitement and they successfully incorporate that in their delectable cuisine. Haryanvi food, on the other hand, is earthy, wholesome and easy to prepare.

Food Stops: Delhi, Panipat, Chandigarh, Patiala, Hisar

Days required: 2 – 3 days


Delhi: Chaat, Kebabs, Paranthas, Biryani

Panipat: Bajra Aloo Roti, Bhura Roti – Ghee, Kachi Lassi

Chandigarh: Amritsari Kulcha, Rajma Chawal, Sarson da Saag – Makki di Roti

Patiala: Chole Bhature, Kachori, Lassi

Hisar: Mithe Chawal, Hara Dhania Choliya, Kadhi Pakoda

Other recommendations: Malpua-Rabdi, Alsi ki pinni, Nihari, Butter Chicken, Kulfi


The South India Food Trail (Tamil Nadu & Kerala)

Needless to say, Southern India is a powerhouse of a variety of delicacies. Tamil Nadu has an array of traditional and contemporary dishes in store. Kerala, being the spice hub of India, does not shy away from offering exquisite flavours. Make the journey more amazing by choosing the Ford Endeavor as it allows you to handle the roads like a pro!

Food Stops: Madurai, Munnar, Kochi, Coimbatore

Days required: 3 – 4 days


Madurai: Idlis, Kola Urundai, Paruthi Paal, Jigar Thanda

Munnar: Appam with stew, Dosas and Idlis, Palada Payasam

Kochi: Ela Sadya, aka, the royal lunch. It consists of Pachadi, Kichdi, Pulliserry, Olan, Sambar, Varavu, Thoran, Aviyal, and Payasam on a banana leaf.

Coimbatore: Rasam, Pathaneer Payasam, Coconut Buns

Other recommendations: Filter Kaapi, Thalasarry Biryani, Puttu-Kadala


The Central India Food Trail (Maharastra & Madhya Pradesh)

To say that Central India is a foodie’s paradise is a gross understatement. Eastern Maharashtra hides a plethora of culinary tricks under its garb while Madhya Pradesh dishes out an exquisite and timeless cuisine; albeit royal.

Food Stops: Nagpur, Chhindwara, Bhopal, Betul

Days required: 3 – 4 days


Nagpur: Tarri Poha, Nagpuri Samosa, Saoji, Santra Barfi

Chhindwara: Poha-Jalebi, Chakki ki Shaak, Mawa Bati, Malpua

Bhopal: Biryani Pilafs, Kebabs, Bhopali Paan

Betul: Palak Puri, Seekh Kabab, Kusli

Other recommendations: Bhutte ka Kees, Dal Bafla, Bhopali Gosht Korma, Jalebi


So don’t shy away from treating yourself to not just a smooth road-trip, but also an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


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