Don’t Want To Go To The Gym? Make Workouts More Fun With These Tips

With warmer days approaching, your daily dose of fitness does not have to be contained within four walls. A change in your workout routine not only makes exercising more fun but also can stimulate your mind and body. So, ditch the gym and try these alternative workout options.


Drive to your favourite Sports

Playing sports is, by far, one of the best ways to maintain your fitness levels. Along with making workouts fun, it also allows you to socialise. The best part? All the running, jumping and stretching works almost every muscle in your body. So, gather a bunch of friends, load your football, cricket, or any sporting gear of your choice into the boot of your New Ford EcoSport and head out for a fun workout.


Go on a trekking trip

Another fun alternative to working out in a gym or at home is going on a trek or a hike. You could either take a short morning hike in a national park within your city or sign up for an overnight trek with an adventure company. You are sure to get your dose of cardio, while spending some time with nature. Whatever your choice of cardio, your Ford Endeavour will get you there and make the journey enjoyable as well.


Outdoor Yoga

If your daily workouts are intense, and you want a change of pace, take an outdoor yoga class. A quick search online can help you find nearby classes or groups. Or, if you already know how to perform different yoga asanas, take your yoga mat to a large park or garden in your city, for a peaceful routine. You can even try out a cool, new form of exercise – car yoga to switch things up a bit. Find out more about it here.


Drive to a beach

If you live close to a coastline, you could have a super-fun workout at the beach. Take a long morning run and do a few stretches. You can even take a quick swim, provided you are a seasoned swimmer and the sea is not rough. Alternatively, take some friends along and play games like volleyball or beach football. Don’t forget to take a change of clothes. And if you are looking for some beach inspiration, watch the video here.


So, pack a few exercise essentials, some healthy snacks and drinks and head out for a more enjoyable workout.



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