Father’s Day Special: Hit The Road with your Dad

A relationship between a man and his kids is unique. Unlike  mothers, it’s not easy for fathers to convey their emotions but the bond they share with their children remains a special one.

Celebrate this deep, strong connection this Father’s Day with a road trip down memory lane with him that he will cherish for years to come.

Let him take charge

Just like he did when you were young, let your father suggest the best way to approach the entire trip, let him map the best routes and choose the pit stops on the way.

It may seem a tiny little thing but it can be a great way to discover what he loves doing the most, lest you’ve forgotten. Perhaps take a few notes on how to plan an entire road trip because Dad always knows the best routes. Remember that time before Google Maps and other navigator apps? There was always Dad for that!

Sing along

Queue up his all-time favourites and indulge in some nostalgia-inducing lyrics. Take this time to enjoy the classics and watch your Dad sing along with joy. What’s better, join him and try to match him word for word, note for note.

Not as easy as it sounds! Music may evolve with time but Dad’s playlist is evergreen! Just connect your phone with the Ford EcoSport S’ SYNC 3 with an 8-inch touchscreen that’s equally easy for him to use, and get set for a great time.

Pack a picnic lunch

What’s a road trip without a picnic lunch, really? Carefully tuck away a picnic basket in the boot of your Ford EcoSport when he’s not looking and surprise him with his favourite spread when the time’s right.

Capture your favourite moment

When was the last time you flipped through your family album? The new camera phones may not have the old-school charm of film cameras but you can always add filters for that rustic effect, right?

Take the opportunity to recreate one of your favourite pictures with your Dad. Not only would it be a great memento, it would also be a perfect addition to your mantel.

Get a dose of wisdom

Stretch your legs and stop over for some local delicacies. This would be an ideal time to talk to him about life in general. Let him pour out those words of wisdom he is known for. This is not just a pit stop in the road trip, you know. We all need to take a pause from our fast-paced lives and learn to be in the present, just like our parents’ generation did.

Let him take the wheel

Remember the time he taught you how to drive for the first time? You have come a long way since then. Let him take the wheel of your favourite Ford for a fun to drive experience.

Make this Father’s Day a special one by taking this road trip.

Still, have some reservations? Don’t worry, you have the best shotgun you could have asked for – and not just for this ride.

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