Make Your Road Trip Amusing with These Fun-games

We all plan road trips, dreaming of endless highways winding between green tunnels and the car stereo playing music that vibes perfectly with the scenic views. However, it often turns out to be, kids in the backseat arguing or whining, restless and fidgety complaining about road trips being boring with every road trip loving parent’s nightmare question “Are we there yet?”

Handling kids on a road trip isn’t that difficult; you just need to have the right car games to keep them entertained and occupied! Here are some you can try:

I Spy

A road trip classic, the best thing about this game is in its simplicity and how it quickly becomes a favourite amongst pre-schoolers and kids at the primary level.

How do you play it?

One person identifies an object and says the line ‘I spy with my little eye, something…’ ending with a clue, Now the other players try to guess the object.

License plate game

Ideal for a trip where you travel through multiple states, the licence plate game involves trying to spot as many state registrations as you can.

How do you play it?

Get a pencil and paper, and start jotting down as many state registrations as you can find. This game is a fun way to teach kids about states and capitals, along with their registration codes! It’s a win-win!

20 Questions

From pre-schoolers to adolescents and even grandparents, this game works for every age.

How do you play it?

The rules are simple enough. The players take turns to think of a person, place, or thing. The others get to ask up to 20 ‘Yes or No’ questions that may lead to guessing the right answer.


This one is a sure shot way to add a hilarious sequence to your family road trip. The stories almost always end up taking ridiculous twists and turns, giving you a good round of laughs.

How do you play it?

One person starts the story with a line or two, stopping mid-way. The next person builds on it, with each person adding to the narration. It’s perfect for letting your kid’s creative side soar.

Name the song

Want to take a break from all the chatter caused by the games? Get the music flowing by turning it into a fun car game.

How do you play it?

This is where your new Ford EcoSport’s SYNC® 3 comes in handy. Turn up the volume on a song and hit pause after just a few seconds. Now it’s time to guess which song it was. Once they guess it right, you might want to add a rule that the next tune plays only after the previous one ends!


There you have it! Six games to make road trips with the kids fun and entertaining. Happy driving!

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