Quick Tips to Make the Most of your Business Trips

Love them or loathe them – Business Trips are an essential part of professional lives. But who said business trips have to be mundane? When work takes you to new cities, you might as well experience the place.

Here are six quick tips to help you make the best of Business + Travel.

Make the Most of Downtime

Flights without Wi-Fi, gadgets with dead batteries or even gaps between meetings, can often leave you with some free time. Read a book or listen to your favourite music or for other times, the best use of disconnected travel time is catching up on your sleep. You can also download and watch movies you missed during not so busy hours. Rather than seeing this time as waste, embrace the opportunity to disconnect and use the time creatively.

Tickle the Taste Buds

Get tips from your colleagues on local joints which are worth a visit in your free time and enjoy local beverage and snacks of the place. Whether you are a foodie at heart or not, work travel can prove to be a fantastic way to work and tick your food bucket list around the world.

Detour? Sure, why not!

Drive away to the hills, or just explore the city – go to the museum, take a tour of the monument. Wear your travel hat amidst your busy work schedule. Travelling for business doesn’t always have to be a strict business. Consider taking a detour from your mundane hotel-meeting-hotel schedule and your work trip can become a lot more fun.

Make Morning Jogs Fun

Catch the sight and sounds of a new city by rising early and doing a morning walk – even when you don’t regularly do it. Go for a quick trek to a nearby tourist attraction, like a fort or a lake. Stretch a bit and don’t decide against the trek even if it demands walking an extra mile. That way, you will do some more cardio and as a reward, you get to enjoy the early morning sunrise from a different viewpoint.

Visit a Long-Lost Friend

Announce your travel on social media and make it work like Out of Office so that your friends know you are coming their way. If not on Social, then find time to let the friends know you are heading their way. This can also lead you to explore Tip#2 Tickle the Taste Buds. If you are travelling for work in a car or by road, you can always stop by for a quick visit. The All-new Ford EcoSport comes with the advanced SYNC 3 system that allows you to easily navigate your way through a new city.

Ditch the Flight (where possible!)

Never stop short of ditching the flight and taking the road for your business travel? When in a Ford, the same trip can make you experience a lot more than you normally would. The powerful and stylish New Ford Aspire could be the best way to make your way through the journey.

Your next business trip could turn out to be the perfect road journey you have been longing for! Make the most of your every business trip that you will have in the future. Don’t miss to keep these points handy.