From Miles to Memories –Travel Goals for 2019

We live in a world driven by goals and ambitions. We concur with the idea of having set goals as they ensure you reach the desired output within a stipulated time. But why set just professional goals, after all, there should always be dedicated time for fun and relishing all the beautiful places this world has to offer.
Here are some travel goals we think everyone should have on their list.

1. Visit One New Place Every Month

To travel is to explore and experience new places, people and things! It may be a hidden gem that you just read about or some spot that your friends keep talking about, just pick your bags and leave. Absorb everything a destination has to offer by keeping this travel goal on the top of your list. Make time from your busy schedules to travel around, after all a weekend getaway is closer than you think.

2. Plan a Friends Only Trip

You cannot doubt there’s nothing quite like travelling with your friends. They’ve been the yin to your yang, always. And they’re sure to make the best travel companions. Give way to making crazy memories together and test your craziness to the limits. You’ll end up even closer than before after your adventure. Enjoy the ride in your Ford EcoSport that makes for the best pick for that epic road trip.

3. Be a Tourist in your own Town

Put on your tourist’s eyes and look at places around in your own city if not already. It’s easy to miss what your city has to offer. There is a high possibility that your city will have those serene and travel-worthy spots that you haven’t ever seen before. It’s time to be the tourist in your own city!

4. Experience ultimate freedom with a solo trip

Travelling alone is indeed one of the best ways to discover and spend some quality time with your own self. Apart from helping you know about your own strengths and weaknesses which could be fruitfully applied to your everyday life, this gives you a chance to mingle with the moment deeply and discover more about the world. For some recommendations for the ultimate solo trip, read here.

5. Cross the borders by road

Cross borders on a road trip? Yes, please! India being connected to so many countries by land makes it one of the best places to take an international road trip from. If crossing country borders sound less exciting to you, how about crossing continents by road? Read here for the list of countries that are comfortably accessible from India.
There’s no better companion than Ford EcoSport to plan your road trip. However, make sure you plan the trip properly and the necessary permits from countries you would like to visit are in place!

6. Start documenting your trips

A click here and a click there, and bam you have heaps of memories. Documenting your travel can be a great way to absorb your journeys. Unleash your unique perspective and start documenting your trips. You can also record loads of small-sized videos and compile them to create a film out of your travel experience. You can also click pictures that you can get printed and framed as a souvenir of your journey.

7. An offbeat camping trip

Camping is a way to thank nature while being in its lap. Ditch the regular hotel holiday for one of your journeys and camp in the wilderness and open skies. Find a safe spot, take along your camping equipment and proper safety gear and you’re all set for one of the best experiences of our life.

8. Explore the world with parents

Friends are fun, but parents can show you a whole different dimension during your journeys with them. Choose a destination that your parents love and plan that long-awaited adventure with them. Hop in your favourite Ford EcoSport for a comfortable drive and your journey full of stories and wisdom begins right there. Make sure to live some special moments with your parents out there by clicking some special fun pictures that you come back and gift them as printed frames. These experiences will mean the world to you all!

9. A winter snow trail

Winter is coming, and is the right time for those who think a bit differently and can brave the roads swaddled in white colour. With low temperatures, cosy vibes and changed landscapes, taking a road trip in the winter can indeed be a wonderful adventure. To experience the best of winters, find some inspiration here.

10. A No destination trip

They say it’s about the journey and not the destination, and we’re asking you to live this for real. Imagine embarking on a journey with no specific destination in mind. Pick up a weekend, your best friend (if you like), your trustworthy Ford EcoSport and a direction of your choice. Begin your journey and get amazed by the little things that come your way.

These travel goals will sure add to your journeys and make for better stories and tales.