Soak in the Grandeur of the Meteors

Think Diwali and the mind instantly wander to a streak of oil-lamps or decorative lights that adorn the entire neighbourhood. And then there’s a bright display of fireworks, which became synonymous with the festivities. This Diwali, however, the nature is ready to display its own version of Fireworks with the Meteor Showers.

The Meteor Showers are a natural phenomenon that occur when our home planet crosses the orbit of a celestial object and space debris flares up instantly on entering Earth’s atmosphere. You can see hundreds and thousands of illuminated rocks, shooting at rapid speeds towards earth.

We bring to you a list of meteor showers that can be observed by just a short drive out of your city. So, don’t wait, plan your next night drive today and catch nature’s beautiful fireworks on display.

17-18 November 2018: Leonid Meteor Shower

The Leonid is a remarkably radiant meteor shower, emerging from the constellation Leo. During this annual event, over a thousand meteors fall together glowing brightly as a thousand splendid fireballs. Behold yourself and be patient, you may be lucky enough to catch a meteor storm!

The shower will occur during November 6th to 30th, but the peak will be on November 17th & 18th.

Panchmarhi, a hidden gem nestled in the hills of Madhya Pradesh, adorned with waterfalls and ponds, is an amazing place to experience this meteor shower.

Drive through this only hill station of the state in your valiant Ford Endeavour that glides as smoothly through rough terrains just like a comet does through the sky.

14 December 2018: Geminids Meteor Shower

The Geminids shower occurring in the cold of December is one of the most spectacular meteor showers of the year, with a startling rate of 120 meteors per hour during its peak.

Churu, a little-known town in Rajasthan, is a paradise for stargazers. This place is perfect to soak in the grandeur of the meteors. While you can see the blue infinity sprawling over you, the sand under your toes will make you feel alive. Lie cosily in a blanket and gaze at the stars shimmering from the funroof of your Ford Ecosport.

22-23 April 2019: Lyrid Meteor Shower

Celebrate this weekend of Easter and Good Friday by tuning into the heavenly light of the Lyrid meteor shower.

You can be a spectator to this phenomenon from Binsar, a dainty town in Uttarakhand, which has a very calm and untouched vibe. It gets pitch dark as the dusk sets in. Away from the complications of a city life, Binsar is the escape you’ve been waiting for.

6-7 May 2019: Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower

Associated with the Haley’s comet, the Eta Aquarids shower is a delight to watch. Treat yourself with this annual phenomenon by driving down in your stylish, comfortable and robust Ford Aspire to Coorg, Karnataka. The serene mountains of this majestic place transport you to another dimension.

While the water in Abbi falls create surreal music, the ecosystem is sure to please your eyes. The best time to experience this meteor shower is early hours – just before dawn brings the day in full bloom.

13-14 August 2019: Perseid Meteor Shower

Famous for producing a large number of bright meteors, the Perseids is one of the most dominant and attractive meteor showers to observe. You can see long bright trails of light, and sometimes fireballs. The best time to see this phenomenon is post-midnight.

Witness this beautiful sight just a quick drive away, at Neemrana Fort that will make for the perfect getaway for gazing the night sky. Spend the time admiring the starry night sky overhead and witness history standing tall in the shape of the Neemrana Fort Palace.

Escape into the world of exploration on your Ford, after all, it is moments like these that make life beautiful. If you love chasing stars, read here for more recommendations.