A Homestay for your Next Vacation? Here is why?

“You don’t stay at a homestay, you live in it.” Some of you might find this expression overly philosophical but there is a rational side to it as well. A homestay not just lets you live & eat like a local, or experience cities as you have never before but has practical benefits that you might want to look at while planning your next trip!

Get more for less

Our first practical reason for picking a homestay. A good homestay provides as much luxury and heartfelt service at a considerably lower cost than a hotel. Apart from lower room tariff, homestays also attract a lesser tax, leaving you with a pocket full of cash that can instead be used on tours and other fun activities!

Getting the best of the world at a surprisingly affordable cost is like the Ford service and a great point to consider as you plan your next trip.

Experiencing life as a local

Homestays offer an open setting encouraging conversation and making it easier for you to mingle with the locals and as they say, “when in Rome (do as the Romans do)”. A homestay is an opportunity to soak in their many experiences, get to know the town, its people, culture and history to make your holiday memorable. This would mean exploring the unexplored and trip to the most (un)known places in a city, where a Ford Figo or Freestyle can be a perfect companion.

Cooked at Home, Just For You

By choosing a homestay, you can take your taste buds for a brand-new ride and relish unique recipes which have been passed on from generations. So if you are the one looking for something authentic, get in your Favourite Ford to savour a local take on your favourite dish.

Go beyond the ordinary

Immerse in the lap of nature for your next trek and save yourself the hard-work of camping by picking a homestay. Who knows, your hosts may help you go beyond the ordinary and guide you to an experience of a lifetime. Hit the road in your Ford EcoSport or Ford Endeavour and you will be able to reach all places underserved by hotel chains.

Home Away From Home

When travelling with kids, homestay turns out to be a great idea as you get home-like care for all your needs. Even while travelling solo, homestays can be the safest option with a family looking after you at all times. So, immerse yourself in this experience of a homestay, and add a new experience to your upcoming travel!