A Road Trip Checklist for Your Car

Christmas weekend beckons and it is that time of the year when work takes a backseat and all of us get ready to pack our bags for a fun-filled holiday with our friends or family.

For most travel enthusiasts, fun equals a long road trip with our loved ones. The weather around this time is just perfect as the sun-soaked winter takes over from a long, dry summer. And if a road trip is your idea of a perfect holiday too, we bring you some nifty little tips to prep your car to make your road trip absolutely hassle free.

Have the Basics in Place

While the car manual book should always be stored in the vehicle, jotting down important points — such as the optimum tyre pressure, meaning of different signs on the instrument panel, optimum levels of various fluids — makes the complex information much simpler and handy. Another way to acquaint yourself with your beloved machine is to talk to a technical expert at the service center when you take your car your pre-trip check.

Do Your Homework

An under the bonnet check should be first on your list before planning a road trip. Check the level of essential fluids in your car — such as the engine oil, coolant and windshield washer. Each of these compartments is fitted with physical indicators that will make it easy for you to check fluid levels. A top up is necessary if you find any fluid below the recommended level.

While Ford cars have a longer service interval and require essential oil change only once a year, it is still advisable to check your vehicle before a long journey. You can visit a Ford service center in case you don’t know how to check fluid levels.

Also, make sure all five tyres (yes even the spare) are in good shape for your long journey.

And it does not stop here.

Once you have covered some part of your journey, make sure to check the tyre for any notable damage or wear and tear.

Bare minimum

When you are on road and have long distances to cover, it’s important for you to be vigilant with all that you and your vehicle might require. While all Ford vehicles come with a toolkit and first-aid kit, it is important to ensure that they are good to be used. In case of a punctured tyre, the tyre should be repaired as soon as possible and kept ready as a spare. A jumper cable should also be stored, in case the battery dies out.

It is always advisable to make your own little emergency kit complete with water, biscuits, torch and a blanket. Also, on long drives, make it a point to keep the spare key handy, ideally with someone apart from the driver.

Essential Little-things

Ford cars are equipped with your on-road entertainment partner SYNC 3. You can also access maps on SYNC 3 via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to navigate through unknown destinations. However, it’s always advisable to carry an old-school paper map on the journey in case of poor network coverage.

Just as planning a journey is important to decide tentative stops for refreshments and refuelling, little things such as carrying a trash bag and small car wash kit will ensure your ride stays neat and tidy all throughout.

Have a Back-up Plan

Don’t be carefree if you are lucky enough to have never faced a breakdown on-road. Subscribe for a road side assistance from your car company, to have a hassle free and fun-filled road trip. If you own a Ford, you have access to 24-hour road side assistance, with 3,500 touchpoints and 2,000 independent repair shops, allowing you the freedom to explore, stress-free.

So, wait no more! Hit the road in your favourite Ford.