Let Your Ford Car Be Your Reindeer This Christmas!

It’s Christmas! The cities are lit, markets and malls are gleaming with beautiful trees and bells and carols playing all around. Not to forget the vacations this season brings with it. You can use these vacations to live and experience the festive spirit of a new place and here is a quick scan of celebrations happening pan-India for you to experience the best of festivities!

The Classical Christmas of Kolkata

Beautifully decorated Park Street of Kolkata along with Allen Park hosts several music performances while the New Market brims with Christmas goodies during this time of the year. The city of joy immerses in the festive mood and is replete with several light & sound exhibitions. St. Paul’s Cathedral till date makes for the best place to experience the midnight mass.

If the festive vibe leaves you for wanting more, don’t forget the classical Anglo-Indian Christmas celebration at the Bow Barracks. So, get ready with your Ford and make the most of it!

The White Christmas of Shimla

With landscape swaddled in snow all-around, Himachal’s capital city Shimla has its own distinct Christmas celebration. The famous Skiing Carnival of Shimla starts on Christmas Eve, a legacy that ages back more than 60 years, and is a delight for one and all. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro as the competition allows a room for all the levels of experience.

The good news is that you can also get yourself trained under well-trained skaters this Christmas under the short-term membership options available there. Time to get your Ford ready for a curvy ride NOW!

The Beach Christmas of Goa

Ditch the cold to celebrate Christmas on the warm beaches of Goa, home to one of Asia’s biggest churches, St. Cathedral. The city-state hosts live band performances at several beach spots and grand feasts on Christmas-eve.

One of the most renowned Goan Christmas traditions includes the ‘Consuada’ or sharing homemade delicacies with neighbours and friends. The wide variety of desserts include ‘Bebinca’, ‘dodol’, ‘kol-kols’, ‘baath’, ‘perad’ and ‘neureos’.

Apart from this closely-knit celebration, large-scale music festivals like ‘Sunburn’ and ‘Supersonic’ are organised too in the last week of December. This is probably the best time to get your Ford riding the Goan sands!

The City Style Christmas of Delhi

Delhi has its own charm around Christmas. Several parties and cultural events are organized across the city, which run right up till New Year’s Eve. A kid’s carnival in Saket, the much-awaited Christmas Mela at the German House, a full-fledged marathon in Noida, the city is immersed in the festive vibes everywhere.

Vatican Embassy Chapel and Sacred Heart Cathedral are famous for the classic Christmas mass and carols. Take your Ford EcoSport out now for a tour the city and let Delhi’s craze for Christmas surprise you!

The Street Style Christmas in Bombay

Bombay has a variety to list under its street style Christmas celebration. While the special deals at Colaba Causeway and Hill Road call for a complete wardrobe makeover, visit Mahim Fair, a 12-day long musical celebration, to bring in the festive spirit.

You may take a ride to the beautiful ‘Gaothans’ decorated in classical styles while Mount Mary’s Basilica in Bandra hosts the most beautiful midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

The Folk Style Christmas of Kochi

The very famous Cochin Carnival, a year-end traditional musical procession also called ‘Chenda Melam’, awaits you in the beautiful town of Kochi. This festival is a celebration of several folk arts and is sure to add a unique colour in the festive vibes.

Don’t let your Ford take you back home without visiting the stunning St. Francis Cathedral, built in the 16th century, and one of the oldest churches in India.

Wait no more. Grab your keys and let your reindeer take you places! Merry Christmas ho…ho…ho…!