Daily Commute or Long Drives, Here’s Why the New Ford Figo is Your Ultimate Travel Buddy

Everyone has their favourite person with whom they love to travel. They are the ones that make every journey more fun and enjoyable in their own way.

What’s the best kind of travel companion? Someone who is always ready for a new adventure, no matter how long or windy the road is. The type of companion that makes every journey easy, fun and completely enjoyable. And that’s precisely what the New Ford Figo is to you – the perfect travel buddy for every trip. How you ask? We’ll tell you.

Embedded Navigation 

Trying to get to your Monday morning meeting during peak hour traffic and need the quickest route? Enjoying a singsong session on a road trip while driving through beautiful mountain roads and don’t want to lose your way? Well, with the New Ford Figo’s embedded navigation, you don’t have to worry. Not only would you find the quickest route, you will do that without an interference to your music.

Smart Drive Everywhere You Go

The perfect feature for both, long drives or daily commuting is New Ford Figo automatic’s Hill Launch Assist (HLA). Whether its steep hill climbs or getting a head-start while climbing a fly-over in bumper to bumper traffic, Hill Launch Assist will ensure you do it with great ease. This New Figo also offers Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) which makes it easy to zigzag through crowded city streets on your daily drives.

Automatic Headlamps to Light Your Way

Whether you are driving home after a long day in the office or driving through the night on a romantic getaway, the New Ford Figo comes with headlamps that turn on automatically, so the road that lies ahead is bright and easy to navigate. With this feature, you never have to worry about losing your way in the dark.

Rear-View Camera for Complete Visibility

Trying to squeeze into that tiny parking space in your office building? The rear-view camera on the new Ford Figo gives you full visibility of what’s behind, allowing you to park quickly and make it to your desk on time. This rear-view camera also makes it easy to parallel park outside your favourite restaurant, so you don’t miss a minute of your delicious brunch.

Rain-Sensing Wipers to Give You an Unobstructed View

The best part of the monsoons is being able to hop into your car and take a trip to the nearest hill station to enjoy the refreshing rains. Or maybe you want to get out of the house and head to your favourite tapri for a cup of cutting chai and steaming-hot pakoras. The new Ford Figo’s rain-sensing wipers make it easy to do both, by clearing up your view whether it is pouring cats and dogs or just a drizzle.

These are just a few of the features that make the new Ford Figo your perfect travel companion, no matter where you go. Right from its powerful engine to its Dual Tone Roof, six airbags for added safety to its accentuated interiors, the Figo offers more than just comfort and style. It makes the ultimate travel buddy for every journey, no matter how far or near.