Don’t Let the Heat Get to You – Stay Cool in Your Car Using These Simple Tips

Finding parking space in a city can be challenging – and it gets worse during summer when most sheltered spots are taken. But driving is inevitable, and the last thing you want to do is hop into a sweltering car every time you park on the road. So, here are some tips to help prevent your car from turning into a furnace in the summer.

Pick the Right Shade

A stick-on Windshield Sunshade makes perfect sense to keep the sun out when you are not driving. Sun rays bounce off this kind of shade, which can keep heat out as well. Research has it that visors and shades can reduce the temperature inside cars by up to 20-degree Fahrenheit – not a huge drop – but it will keep the interiors of your car cool enough to touch. Ford has made-to-fit shades for most of its car models so that you never have to deal with hot and stuffy cars again.

Window Shades

Like windshields, windows also make it possible for UV rays to creep into your car – both, when you are driving and when you aren’t. You could use stick-on shades here as well, but for a better fit and more long-lasting solution, opt for Sun Blinds instead. Ford offers window shades that are easy to install and use and can keep your car interiors cool by preventing sunrays from streaming through. You can buy them at any Ford showroom to stay cool and comfortable even when you are taking that road trip to the beach in your favourite Ford.

Upholstery Can Make All the Difference

Ford’s modern and pleasing dashboards have an infotainment screen, space for your mobile, and several other things that you need to drive in comfort. However, such surfaces can get really hot – and the heat will transmit to your seats, floor mats, and other interior parts, ultimately turning your car into an oven.

To prevent this from happening, you can simply cover the dashboard with a thick cloth that can absorb all the heat. You can cover your steering wheel too – the less surface exposed, the less your car heats up.

Parking Tips

Of course, you should park in the shade, a garage or in a parking lot if possible. If this is not possible, crack the windows oh-so-slightly to keep the air flowing through your car and keep the odour – out – and of course the heat. Try putting your hand through the cracked window to make sure your car is not the next burglary victim.

Use the Open and Shut Trick

Here’s a nifty trick that can help when your car gets heated up despite all your efforts. Open the driver side door. Then lean in and roll down the passenger side window. Rapidly open and shut the driver side door a few times – don’t close it completely. The swing of the door drives the foul air, smell, and a good part of the heat out of the passenger window, making the interior bearable. The car’s air conditioning system will take care of the rest.

While summer can be a time for shopping, picnics, and theatre, returning to an unbearably heated car can be off-putting. These simple tricks will keep the car temperature – and yours–bearable.

Forgot about these tips? Worry not. You can rely on the smart automatic air-conditioner on your favourite Ford that comes with industry-best cooling capacity and successfully brings down cabin temperature from a sweltering 50-degree Celsius to a much pleasant 25-degree Celsius. So don’t let summers come in the way of you and your travel. Happy Motoring!