What’s the Superpower of your Favourite Ford Car?

From Age of Ultron, Spiderman: Homecoming, Black Panther, Iron Man and the list of endless Marvel movies, Avengers: End Game is the latest release that will take you down the memory lane. With a cast that has moved its viewers with their stellar performances, their superpowers have done a little more.

Ford’s range of cars comes packed with unique capabilities that set them apart from others, just like the Avengers and their team. Now it’s time for you to choose your favourite Ford car and familiarise yourself with its superpower:

Ford Figo as Ant-Man

The compact new Ford Figo is designed for crowded lanes. Made to fit into your small yet smart world, Figo is like Marvel’s Antman. Its sleek design, powerful engine, and control to manoeuver through tight spaces lets you zip through the packed city roads. Just like the Antman, there’s no corner tight enough for the new Ford Figo to negotiate.

Ford Aspire as Iron Man

The head-turner Ford Aspire is designed to stand out with its modern design, outstanding features, and best-in-class technology. Like Ironman, the car is a perfect balance of power, durability, and panache. Packed with the latest technology and class-leading safety assurance delivered through six airbags; you will be as secure inside as Ironman is with Jarvis! Surge ahead in style because this superhero car is made for those looking for those who don’t follow.

Ford Mustang as Captain America

A name that needs no introduction, the Mustang is a legend in the market. Modern yet retaining its classic design elements, Mustang’s powerful roar will let you fly through in full throttle just like Captain America. Its 5.0-litre V8 engine will take you on a thrilling journey no matter where you go! Get ready to experience a legendary journey with Ford Mustang as you fly from one city to the other.

Ford EcoSport as Thor

Ford EcoSport’s stunning sporty design is made for action anytime, anywhere. Like Thor’s agile spirit and reflexes, EcoSport is smart, sturdy and extremely capable. Its smart technology seamlessly connects to your smartphone to ensure that you stay entertained and connected even on the move. Ford EcoSport may not be a hero in Asgard but sure is on Indian roads. Its 123 PS petrol engine is a compelling combination of power and performance, just like Thor!

Ford Endeavour as Hulk

Conquering rough terrains without breaking a sweat, Ford Endeavour is India’s very own Hulk. Its powerful 200 PS 3.2 litre diesel engine allows an impressive pickup even on the hills! Like Hulk, this brawny SUV may look big, but be assured; it will give you full control to tackle any trail. The Endeavour has intuitive control over itself and lets you enjoy a leisurely drive with its plush interiors and tough build.

Now that you know what superpower Ford cars are blessed with, pick one that suits your needs and embark upon an exciting drive.