Make Travel Memories With Your Mother That Will Last A Lifetime

Someone who has always put the well-being of her children before her own; a mother’s love knows no bounds. This Mother’s Day, celebrate the superwoman who gave you the courage to spread your wings and soar high in the sky; even if it meant clipping her own dreams. In the journey called life, as you pluck up the nerve to experience new paths, take her along as your plus one.

With Ford India’s capable and diverse products, a road trip will augment an everlasting bond of love. Don’t wait for another year to give her the gift of travel and adventure. Pick your favourite Ford car and head to these stunning Indian destinations to create some everlasting memories:

A Picturesque Road Trip to the Himalayas

Drive into Leh, the land of mystical beauty where the enchanting Himalayan valleys come to life. As you move along the wonderful Himalayan roads at 11,400 feet, Ford Endeavour’s class-leading 200PS engine will power you through steep climbs, sharp turns and cuts with utmost ease. While its Terrain Management System will assist you negotiate any terrain, its premium interiors will keep you comfortable. Enjoy a whiff of fresh mountain air that flurries in through the electric panoramic sunroof. Make new memories with your mother as the two of you advent on the most scenic road trip of a lifetime.

Paraglide into the Sunset at Bir Billing

As a teacher, your mother taught you the art of perseverance and watched proudly as you conquered battles of life. This Mother’s Day, as tables turn, fulfil her dream of soaring among the clouds as you watch her accomplish an ambition with pride. With the Ford EcoSport as your travel companion, head out on a road trip to Bir Billing for an exciting paragliding adventure. Enjoy clear blue skies as your EcoSport charges you through with its 123 PS engine while ensuring the safety of your mother with six airbags.

Free Falling In Lonavala

While you can never really repay a mother’s love and warmth, treat her to an experience where she knows you will have her back. With Ford Aspire as your travel partner, this Mother’s Day, take your mother to the beautiful hill station of Lonavala. This compact sedan will shield her from bumpy roads while its SYNC 3 touchscreen technology will navigate you to your destination. Its silent 1.2l Ti VCT engine will help you manoeuver through verdant green roads as you head for a thrilling bungee jumping experience that will revitalise her spirit. With you by her side to hold her hand this time around, she will cherish this gift of love over everything else.

Scuba Diving In Goa

On her special day, take her on a road trip to Goa where she will be greeted with magnificent Palm trees and a salty whiff of the sea breeze. Let her experience the underwater beauty as you take her on a thrilling adventure with exotic marine life. Your Ford Figo will ensure you have a smooth journey as you cross milestones with your mom. Its 100PS powerful diesel engine roars through to provide you fun to drive experience and outstanding fuel efficiency.

Hit the Water in Rishikesh

Take Ford Freestyle for a spin and head to Rishikesh for an exciting white water rafting adventure. Its SUV like capabilities will help you dodge tricky turns. After a comfortable drive, no rapid will be big enough as the two of you team up as one. Celebrate your mother’s strength by pushing her outside her comfort zone and let her check off another thing-to-do from her bucket list.

From lazy Sunday lunches to reminiscing over old family photos, these precious memories with your mother are the ones that last a lifetime. A woman who is the embodiment of strength, courage, and confidence deserves an experience she won’t forget.

With Ford India’s range of technologically advanced cars, road trips now are more fun than ever. Experience the best of India on the road as you take your mother on a memorable journey of a lifetime, this Mother’s Day.