Which Ford Car Is A Perfect Ally For Your Favourite GoT Character?

Full of overwhelming action, drama and a gripping plot; millions of fans have religiously tuned in and followed every season of GoT for the last eight years. Its star-studded cast, with their sterling performances, has made it the most addictive show on television.

So, as we dug deeper into the analogy of the plot, we found that GoT characters and Ford India’s cars have quite a few features in common. Whether you love these characters or hate them, you can’t deny the fun of imagining if they drove a Ford car, which one would it be? Let’s find out!

Ford Endeavour for Jon Snow

The former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and King in the North is honourable, strong-minded and never shies away from a challenge. So, his choice of car would be something powerful like the Ford Endeavour. An SUV that fosters family emotions but can be bold when required, Endeavour’s 3.2L engine that delivers best-in-class 200 PS power, will take him places with utmost ease. A hero who is still mastering the skills of his trade; the Endeavour’s features like Terrain Management System will steer his decisions on the right path, whether he is defending Winterfell or heading into the snow-covered lands that are north of the Wall.

Ford Aspire for Cersei Lannister

A ride fit for the queen, you can imagine Cersei of the House of Lannister cruising around the city in her stunning Ford Aspire. An embodiment of beauty, sharp mind and enviable power, just like Cersei Lannister, the Aspire can never go unnoticed. A potent combination of a powerful petrol engine, smart technology, and outstanding safety; the queen, can drift around in this car dodging trouble on the streets of King’s Landing.

Ford Figo for Tyrion Lannister

Known as the Imp or Infamously also known as “Halfman”, Tyrion Lannister is a character that shows nothing should be judged by size. After all, he didn’t become ‘Hand of the King’ and ‘Hand of the Queen’ without a reason. Playing it smart, this man is too clever to choose anything other than the Ford Figo. It complements his style perfectly; the plush interiors, power-packed engine and 6-speed automatic transmission can help Tyrion create an impression as he takes his ladies out and about.

Ford Freestyle for Brienne of Tarth

Brave, righteous and strong, Brienne of Tarth has always followed her heart – whether it was fighting for King Renly or protecting the Stark girls. With a powerful engine and features like Active Rollover Prevention, the tough and bold Ford Freestyle will make traversing the terrains of Westeros a simple task for Brienne. More importantly, its smart technology can help her stay connected to Sansa or Jaime, no matter where she went.

Ford EcoSport for Arya Stark 

If Ned Stark’s youngest daughter had to choose a ride, it would be both, powerful and efficient – just like her. Ford EcoSport, with its award-winning 125 PS EcoBoost engine, will always be ready to carry Arya Stark wherever she chooses, as she strikes more names off her list. Plus, with all that boot space, she would have no trouble taking all her “faces” along. With the EcoSport as her companion, you simply know what Arya Stark would say to a safe and boring life – Not Today!

Ford Mustang for Daenerys Targaryen

Bold and beautiful, if the Mother of Dragons has to pick a set of wheels for herself, it would be nothing short of spectacular. Daenerys Targaryen would pick the impressive Ford Mustang. It might not be a real-life dragon, but it does growl in full throttle with its 5.0l Ti-VCT engine. The iconic Mustang, which is designed to impress, would serve as the perfect ride for Daenerys. The fast and smart iconic Ford Mustang will give her control over any land since she’s already got the skies covered.

From skull crushing build to awe-inspiring power, these are Ford cars that are best suited to your favourite GoT characters. Now it’s your time to take a pick!