Ford Cartesy: Things We Found Out About Indian Drivers

From taking your family for a midnight ice-cream to heading on a weekend road trip with friends, some of the most cherished memories are made during a fun car ride. However, as you head out to create lifelong memories on Indian roads, there is a looming feeling of anxiety to keep your loved ones safe.

Ford India conducted a survey to study the behavioural patterns of Indian drivers in 10 metro and non-metro cities. Whether as a driver behind the wheel or a pedestrian making your way back home; our survey found three core behavioural changes required on Indian roads — Compliance, Caution, and Compassion.


The survey’s first and most pressing point was to understand the road users’ compliance with traffic laws in the country. Adhering to traffic signals, pedestrian crossing, lane driving, no drunk driving and regard for other safety compliant rules has a direct impact on road safety for all. Stopping at traffic signals even during the absence of a policeman, sticking to lanes and maintaining speed limits can avoid mishaps for drivers, co-passengers and pedestrians.

An issue of concern on Indian roads; distracted driving was the biggest cause of road accidents. As high as 42% of Indian drivers couldn’t resist the temptation of using mobile phones while driving.

Apart from bringing awareness through the Ford Cartesy, Ford offers intuitive connectivity technology on all its cars. The Ford SYNC 3 system seamlessly connects with a mobile device, enabling drivers to do a host of chores like making or receiving calls, listening to their favourite music, through simple voice commands.

This voice-enabled system ensures that drivers always have their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, thereby reducing distractions from mobile phones.


Cautious driving means a safe journey for everyone, even pedestrians who too must be alert when crossing the road. In a country where only a third pedestrian use zebra crossing, the safety of those on foot is severely compromised. Metro cities like Mumbai and Bangalore see the highest number of accidents that can be avoided if both drivers and pedestrians choose to be a little more cautious.

In a country where 51% of the people are unaware that airbags wouldn’t deploy in case of an accident if the seat belts aren’t plugged in, Cartesy gently addresses the need to exert caution when on the road.

For drivers, it is imperative to use child locks for the safety of their kids and loved ones. Once you get behind the wheel maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you. Wear seatbelts to ensure the airbags properly deployed, without harming the car’s occupants, should the need arise. Use indicators when trying to overtake a car on a busy road, or else stick to your lane.

In the world of pedestrians, if a driver exercises all cautious measures, you too should practice safe road rules. As high as 25% of people have earphones plugged-in while walking on the road. Pay attention to the traffic, avoid smartphone usage, use subways or foot over bridges and take precautionary measures when on the road and stay safe.


We all exercise compassion in our daily lives but do you help a victim during a road accident? Giving passage to emergency vehicles, stopping to help the differently abled and sympathising with victims is a humane behaviour that will make you more respectful towards others on the roads. Indian road users don’t really bode well when it comes to demonstrating compassion.

Nearly half of the respondents don’t stop to give way to a blind person while as many as 41% of respondents admitted to not taking an accident victim to the hospital. Set an example by being a pivot in building an ecosystem that helps those in need, thereby ensuring that someone else is always there to extend help when we are need.

When on the road, exercising empathetic behaviour and basic road manners can cut road accidents by almost 40%.


For Ford, our customers are part of our family, and we are partners in ensuring the safety of our families. Ford’s Cartesy campaign is promoting values of respect and discipline on the road and all of us are together in this attempt us. When on the road, remember, someone loves and waits for you. Approach roads with a little courtesy to make them saner and safer for everyone.

To raise awareness, Ford India joined hands with Gagan Chaudhary, a moto-vlogger, with the aim of driving towards saner roads in India. He is covering the length and breadth of India to raise awareness of courteous driving among the youth and has so-far travelled from Delhi to Chennai via Kolkata and most of the eastern coast.

Watch as Ford Freestyle’s robust design, innovative SYNC 3 technology, and outstanding fuel efficiency augmented his experience as he drove carteously on Indian roads. Stay tuned for the next leg of his journey.

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