Discover Unique Indian Villages with Your Favourite Ford

India is a land of diversity. With over 640,867 villages, many believe the soul of India lives in its simplicity. To ensure that we don’t lose connect with our hinterland, here is a list of lesser known villages that are unique in their own way and demand to be on your travel bucket list.

Enjoy a comfortable ride in your favourite Ford car and plan a road trip to explore these remote corners, waiting to welcome you with sights worth preserving.

Hiware Bazar/ Hivrebajar, Maharashtra

One of the most interesting facts about this village is that 60 farmers out of its resident 235 families are millionaires and the rest of the families are also wealthy. The richest village in every sense, you hardly knew even existed within the maps of India. The village is very well connected by road and is just a few hours away from Mumbai or Pune. Drive to this unique village in your stylish Ford Aspire to explore the innovative water conservation and irrigation system that has helped the small community battle droughts.

Mattur, Karnataka

Sanskrit has been the source of many languages in India and all over the world. Some of the words from Sanskrit vocabulary have even been adopted by languages world-over, including English. But, the new era hardly has any connection with this language of scholars.

Mattur is a village in Karnataka where the natives use Sanskrit as the primary mode of day-to-day conversation. The village has beautifully preserved Sanskrit and its culture is steeped in the era of the Vedas. Crank up the engine on your Ford EcoSport and head out to experience the ancient vibe of this town with your family.

Punsari, Gujarat

Just an hour and a half away from Gujarat’s capital city Gandhinagar, Punsari is a model village that was made a couple of years back to demonstrate the possibilities of a village having similar amenities and facilities like that of an urban township.

With Wi-Fi connections, solar power street lights, health centres, CCTV cameras and much more, this village stands as a rural form of a city and brilliantly exhibit the vision India has to modernize its villages. Pop-in the location on your Ford Figo’s embedded navigation and steer to experience a truly modern village.

Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

Surrounded by lush-green hills and beautiful landscapes in the lap of Khasi Hills, Mawlynnong in Meghalaya holds the proud distinction of being the cleanest village in Asia. With primary means, the residents have made every corner of the place as clean as nature.

A three-hour drive in your Ford Freestyle from Shillong will get you to this quaint little village where residents live as one with nature. The Freestyle’s SUV-like capabilities will help you negotiate narrow, winding roads like a breeze. Take your kids along to teach them a valuable lesson in preserving our surroundings.

Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra

Shani Shingnapur is perhaps the only residential community in the world with houses that have no doors. No matter how impossible it may seem, this is nothing but sheer reality, and the valuables are also kept unlocked in these houses.

A door-less village what you might call it is a must-visit place for people who are keen on getting to the real feel of India where honesty and trust still rule in parts. Plan an enriching road trip to this village of honest residents in your Ford Endeavour and don’t be afraid to keep the doors unlocked.

Kodinhi, Kerala

A beautiful coastal road along the Arabian Sea north of Kochi will lead you to this very interesting village which is home to a whopping 200 pairs of twins. Once you step into the village, it would not be surprising if you find similar faces everywhere.

Of the 2,000 residents here, 414 are born as triplets or twins. The magic of nature, this village must be visited once to understand the hidden mysteries that remain unresolved. A drive along the coast in your Ford EcoSport will be perfect to visit this unique village. Don’t forget to open the sun-roof and soak in views of clear blue skies on your road trip.

Now that you have gained enough information about these lesser-known villages, it’s time to explore them. So grab the keys of your Ford car and get started!