Tackle Stress on Road With Car Yoga

Driving is fun and exciting. But sometimes, life throws you on rough terrains where balance, strength, and flexibility are required. Your car may provide you with comfort and ample space to sit and drive but getting stuck in traffic can stiffen your body and mentally exhaust you.

Here’s a power couple Neha (Miss Bloggess) and Nikhil Chawla (The Unbiased Blog) showing some everyday yoga asanas that can help you stay calm on the road and discover the more in you.

Janu Sirsasana

Perform Janu Sirsasana at a long red light to relieve your legs of stiffness and to promote blood circulation


Love to drive manual cars? To relieve tired arms from constant steering and changing gears, perform Gomukhsana as it stretches your triceps and shoulder muscles


When your car is at a stop, perform seated Gurudasana to send oxygenated blood to your limbs from the centre of your body

Ardha Chandrasana

Performing this asana includes stretching your shoulders, arms, and spine while steadying your breath to release frustration


If you need to calm down and relieve stress, perform Tadasana to take your mind off of the frustrating traffic jam

You can perform any of these asanas easily in your Ford car, to relieve your body of strain caused by continuous pedaling, steering, and sitting. The mental exhaustion and frustration can be tackled with the breathing exercises, so you don’t lose your temper while on the road and drive responsibly, always.

This International Day of Yoga, don’t let driving woes come in the way of your love for being behind the wheel. Try these asanas and let us know which one worked the best for you!