Simple Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Pest-Free During Monsoon

The car you drive is more than just a vehicle; it is a part of your identity. Hence, making sure that your car interiors are adequately maintained and you do nothing to attract unwanted guests (read bugs, insects and other pests) inside the car is important. Bug infestation becomes an even bigger problem during monsoon when dry areas under or inside cars provide a perfect shelter to critters during damp and wet climate.

Follow these simple trips to prevent bugs from bugging you during the upcoming monsoon season.

Don’t Leave Food in Your Car

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It is common to carry food items in the car or having food and beverages while going for a long drive. There is no harm in doing so as long as you remember to remove every container and left over when you get down. If you don’t, these crumbs will attract insects and critters. Packets of snacks, coffee cups and fragments of food items should all be cleaned after you are done. Check your car before leaving if you have missed picking up anything from inside. Enjoy a family ride with no pests in your sleek and trendy Ford Figo that guarantees the utmost comfort for all.

Vacuum Regularly

Handyman vacuuming car back seat with vacuum cleaner

To maintain basic hygiene standards in your vehicle and keep it bug-free, vacuum it at least once a week. For every family car, food remnants are common inside the vehicle. Hence, do not restrict the vacuum to the seats alone; also clean the mats, floor, and corners to keep the roaches, ants and other insects away. While the outstanding driving dynamics of your Ford EcoSport will keep you engaged on road trips, don’t let the bugs bug you during the drive.

Sanitise Your Car

Cleaning car interior

Once the food remnants are removed using a vacuum, use a mild cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge to sanitise your car. Clean every part like the steering wheel, interior surfaces and the dashboard properly to ensure that there remains nothing that can invite the insects to enter the car. Sanitise your Ford Endeavour regularly to make the most of its on-road versatility and off-road mastery.

Keep Your Car Locked

When the vehicle is not in use, make sure that you have closed every possible opening with adequate care. The doors, the windows, the sunroofs, even the trunks of the car should be tightly locked to restrict the insects from getting inside.

The safety features and superior insulation of your Ford Aspire will never let a critter get inside your car.

If there’s a severe infestation, call the professionals. It may also happen that instead of taking all the necessary precautions, your car gets infested with pests. If the situation goes out of control, opt to make a call to the professionals. The professionally trained experts of the car fumigation services will make your car pest-free without damaging an inch.