Road Trips for Mango Lovers to Savor the King of Fruits

Mangoes may just be an exotic fruit to rest of the world; but in India, it drives a strong emotional connect. Growing up awaiting the summer season as the aroma of mangoes fill the market was an experience in itself.

From pickles to jams, sweet & tangy chutneys, mango infused desserts, milkshakes or in their natural glory, this versatile fruit takes many forms and shapes to find its way to your plate. Absurd as it sounds, mangoes in India have the power to unite families that fondly haggle over sweet slices of contentment.

So this Mango Day, take your family on a road trip to Indian states that are known to be the hot-spot for different varieties of this ‘King of Fruits’, and celebrate the generations of memories and the everlasting taste of delicious mangoes. Who knows, you might stumble up on a variety that is good enough to replace your current favourite.

Alphonso, Maharashtra

If the mango is the king of fruits, then Alphonso is their alpha male. One of the most popular varieties of mango around the globe, Alphonso is known for its rich, creamy and sweet flavour. Drive along the scenic coastline of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra in your Ford Figo for a juicy bite of these sunshine yellow mangoes.

Kesar, Gujarat

Named after their saffron like exterior, Kesar mangoes taste divine because they have less fibre and more pulp. This can be your new favourite Mango if you prefer balanced flavors on your palette and love slight tanginess in all things sweet. Drive to the Girnar Hills of Junagadh in Gujarat with your family in a Ford Aspire and give your taste buds a flavourful treat.

Himsagar, West Bengal

A bright yellow variety of mango, Himsagar is a winner among ardent mango lovers who are looking for sweet, fibreless bites of delight. This exotic variety is exported from Murshidabad to the rest of the country. Drive along the crowded streets of Murshidabad in your Ford Figo to get a bite of this lip-smacking fruit right from its source.

Dasheri, Uttar Pradesh

Featuring a luscious green peel, Dasheri has a distinctly different taste from the others. This sweet, aromatic variety is like an explosion of flavours in your mouth. Originally cultivated in a small village near Kakori, Lucknow, some connoisseurs prefer to eat it with bare hands by sucking out the soft yellow pulp. With a variety as delicious as Dasheri, it is only fair to take back a carton or two for your loved ones as you travel back home from the city of Nawabs. A spacious vehicle like the Ford EcoSport will give you all the extra space to fit the boxes and have a comfortable journey back home.

Langra & Chausa, Uttar Pradesh

When in Lucknow exploring mango, extend your trip to go to Varanasi and discover these two twin mango varieties that ripen at the just before monsoon showers lash northern plains. Both these varieties are a flavor bombs and are known for their distinct taste.

Langra retains its green exterior to a large extent even when fully ripe, mildly paling from a bright green when raw. Full of fibre, the variety offers sharp after taste that creates a very earthy sensation in your mouth.

Chausa, on the other hand, sports a bright yellow exterior on ripening. The variety originated in Bihar and is also grown in many orchards of Varanasi. Ask for Chausa when you are in Varanasi to experience this juicy mango’s rich aroma and sweet taste.

Safeda, Andhra Pradesh

A state that oozes natural beauty is also home to one of the yummiest varieties of mango-Safeda. This variety is the first to hit the shelf as soon as the mercury starts rising and is available right through the summer season as a trusted partner, always turning up to satiate your craving for mangoes.

With a sweet and sour taste, these medium-sized elliptical beauties will curb all your mango pangs as you slowly savour its juices. For an extra pinch of adventure, drive down in your Ford Endeavour to the quaint town of Banaganapalli to enjoy hand-plucked plump mangoes.

A lesser known mango cultivar, named after the town Banaganapalli, is produced in small batches here. This variety is juicy, extraordinarily sweet and a must have when you are visiting this quaint town.

Imam Pasanda, Andhra Pradesh

Grown in limited batches and sold primarily in close proximity to its orchards, this super exclusive variety of mango has recently found its place on food stands across India. The variety is believed to have royal origins and local producers associate it as the mango of choice for several kings, including the Mughal Emperor Humayun.

The distinct notes of the mango leave your taste buds craving for more. When driving down and exploring many orchards of Banaganapalli, ask for this local variety and give your family bragging rights to be amongst a few who have tasted this super-exclusive mango.

Packed with flavour, vitamins and an exquisite aroma, mangoes are truly the king of fruits. With over 1500 varieties of mangoes, these are some of the most loved ones worth taking a trip for!