Places in India That Are a Paradise for Bibliophiles

“Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”- Plato

Agree with Plato? You probably are an avid reader for whom reading is just as necessary as breathing. A passion that has the power to take you places without a passport, imagine how blissful would it be to travel only to read more. From travelling through the narrow alleys of a city to sipping coffee in a quaint bookstore in the hills, India has many hidden gems for book lovers to discover.

On Book Lovers Day, why not celebrate your love for reading by travelling to some offbeat bookshops to satiate the bibliophile in you? Get in your Ford car and drive to some of these hotspots for book lovers in your city this weekend.

Sunday Book Market, Daryaganj

Buzzing with hawkers and like-minded book lovers, Daryaganj’s Sunday book market is beyond compare. The lingering smell of old books will fill your senses as you make your way to copies by Shakespeare, Keats, Dickens and other classic writers.

Their bindings may be fragile but if you’re looking to buy books in bulk at throwaway prices, this is the place to be! Choose a compact car like the Ford Figo and manoeuvre through the narrow lanes and a bustling crowd with ease.

Cambridge Book Shop, Mussorie

Tucked away in the Queen of Hills is a secret paradise for bibliophiles – the Cambridge Bookshop. And do you know what adds to the treat? If you visit the shop on a Saturday at around 4 pm, you can meet Ruskin Bond himself! One of the most celebrated writers of our generation, you can take home autographed copies of books by him to cherish for a lifetime.

Let your Ford Endeavour tackle the hilly terrain as you make the most of your weekend getaway finding delightful hidden treasures like this one!

College Street, Kolkata

e-books can never replace the feeling of flipping through old books as these fragile beauties tell stories of their own. Known to be the second-largest market for pre-owned books, College Street in Kolkata is fondly known as ‘Boi Para’ by the locals, which translates to the Colony of Books.

Scourge through piles of books as you hunt for a copy of your favourite author’s first book. You might just get lucky! In a city that oozes energy, Ford EcoSport will always be ready for action no matter how tapered the lanes get.

Fort, Mumbai

There is nothing you cannot find in Mumbai! Located right in the heart of the buzzing city, Fort is a heaven for book lovers who find solace amid all the chaos. Local vendors at Fort have every book you might be looking for. From educational reads to fiction, all you need to do is look. Exploring a city as huge as Mumbai needs a car like the Ford Freestyle to conquer challenging paths.

Pro tip: You can exchange your old books you buy here any time you like and get 75% of your money back!

Aminabad, Lucknow

Amidst the sizzling kebab platters and chikankari handwork, Lucknow is also home to a concealed world where Hindi literature comes to life. On the streets of Aminabad, hungry bookworms can find classic novels by authors like Premchand and Ramdhari Singh Dinkar that were and still are a delight to read.

As you unearth secret hotspots like these in your stylish Ford Aspire, don’t forget to enjoy some mouth-watering kebabs from the city. After all, books comfort the mind but food comforts the soul!

Travelling, hunting, heated bargains and finally taking home copies of hardbound works of art. If that’s not a dream for bibliophiles, what is? Check out these gems in your Ford car and unleash the hungry bookworm in you.