The Great Indian Sweet Trail

Indians are known to be great hosts and a part of this sweetness perhaps comes from a large variety of food that’s served across the country. While a lot has been written about India’s many cuisines and where to get them, the equally impressive dessert collection in India deserves a tribute of its own. So, to celebrate Dessert Day, we bring perfect family road trip ideas to treat your sweet tooth with some delectable treats across the country.

Bihar – Khaja


Khaja, a popular sweetmeat dish from Bihar, is a wheat flour preparation that is stuffed with mawa, deep-fried to crisp, and soaked in sugar syrup. Sounds like pure heaven, doesn’t it? Best enjoyed when you are driving on a rainy day in your trusted Ford car.

Goa – Bebinca


When you are driving down Goa’s winding coastal roads in your Ford EcoSport, sandy beaches and delicious seafood is usually all that’s on your mind. But one of Goa’s most popular offerings – the traditional Indo-Portuguese pudding called Bebinca – is an indulgence you must try on your next trip. This lip-smacking, multi-layered cake can be eaten fresh or preserved for an extended period. It’s no wonder that it is an absolute staple at any Goan celebration.

West Bengal – Rosogulla


Who isn’t familiar with these white, ball-shaped cottage cheese dumplings dunked in sugar syrup? Rosogulla is savoured by young and old throughout the country. In fact, in 2017, the Banglar Rosogulla was granted the GI (geographical indication) tag.

West Bengal is also a heaven for all dessert lovers with choices of sweet treats to explore at every nook and corner. Drive through the streets Kolkata in your Ford Freestyle to enjoy a plate (or two) of the prestigious and authentic Rosogulla. And when you are there, you can also enjoy soft, melt in your mouth texture of Kaccha Gola Sandesh or try Rasmalai, cottage cheese dumplings infused with saffron, to cool off on a hot day.

Gujarat – Basundi


Basundi is a rich, creamy and delicious dish that is made from thickened milk and garnished with almonds, pistachios, cardamom, and saffron. Often served chilled, Basundi can act as a perfectly sweet end to those romantic late-night drives. Simply turn on some of your favourite music, open up your Ford Endeavour’s panoramic sunroof and enjoy a bowl of basundi together under a starry sky. Another sweet staple in the state is Jalebi, which is mostly served during breakfast. So no matter what time you are driving through a city in Gujarat, a dessert on your plate is guaranteed.

Uttar Pradesh – Balushahi


Balushahi is made of flour and deep-fried in ghee. It is then dipped into a thick sugar syrup, which is why this flaky preparation ends up with a sugar coating on all sides. How delightfully sinful does that sound? Sure, it might make you feel a little guilty, but all that will soon be forgotten with the first bite.

Different cities in Uttar Pradesh will throw tasty sweet surprises. Relish on famous Thaggu ke ladoo when you are driving through the bustling streets Kanpur in you Ford Figo or halt for lassi & peda in Mathura. The state capital Lucknow serves the best phirni, a must-have after a sumptuous meal. Comment below to tell us what was your favourite.

Karnataka – Mysore Pak


Traditionally served in festivals across south India, Mysore Pak has a wonderful origin. The story goes that one day a former Maharaja of Mysore was ready for his lunch, but the royal chef had forgotten to make a dessert! In a hurry, he mixed some gram flour, sugar and ghee together and served it to the king, who absolutely loved it! The rest, as they say, is history. If you live in Bangalore, this is the perfect excuse to cruise in your Ford Aspire and drift effortlessly along the Bangalore-Mysore highway for some authentic Mysore Pak.

There are many more sweets from other states too, but instead of revealing them here, we want to bring out the explorer in you! So, pick up your Ford car, travel to an Indian state of your choice, devour some unique sweets and #DiscoverMore. Let the journey begin!