Five Famous Gurudwaras to Soak in Spirituality

November 12, 2019 marks the 550th Birth Anniversary of Shri Guru Nanak Dev, the founding father of Sikhism who preached universal unity and blurring social divides. The temples of worship aka Gurudwaras he created fill you up with spiritual solace and overwhelm your senses.

As the world celebrates his teaching on this divine day, we bring you soul-stirring trip that will fill your soul. Travel to these Gurudwaras whose beauty and history will enlighten your mind.

The Golden Temple


Inarguably one of the most popular pilgrimage sites for Sikhs in India, the Golden Temple or Harmandir Sahib is in Amritsar. Built-in 1577, the temple’s dome is plated with 750 kg of pure gold. The site also witnessed some significant moments of India’s history. Today, the temple receives millions of followers every year, thanks to its impeccable aesthetic beauty and delicious langar. The best part? It’s just a seven-hour drive from Delhi, making it a perfect getaway for a week of spiritual well-being. Take your Ford EcoSport for a drive and cover those miles with ease with our heat of Punjab with the climate control feature.

Takht Sri Patna Sahib

Located in Patna, Takht Sri Patna Sahib is famous for being the home of gurus like Guru Gobind Singh and Guru Tegh Bahadur. The gurudwara was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh as a homage and is considered to be one of the holiest of the five “Takths” or seat of authority of the Sikhs. In its premises, you can find ancient relics belonging to the Sikh Gurus. While here, you can also visit, Mangal Talab, a large pond near the Gurudwara and Guru ke Baag, a garden. Take your Ford Figo for a spin to easily negotiate city streets.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib


One of the most famous gurudwara in Delhi, Bangla Sahib is located centrally in Connaught Place. Once home to Maharaja Jai Singh, it now commemorates the stay of Guru Har Krishan. Truly having kept up with the times, it offers a hostel for travellers, an art gallery nd a multi-level parking space. Open to all; you can even offer your services as volunteers at the temple. It is less than a five-hour drive by car from Chandigarh, making it perfect for an impromptu plan, even.

So, drive down to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib and clock some miles on your Ford Aspire. Keep the spiritual vibes high with some nice music on SYNC 3.

Sri Hemkund Sahib


Wanted to take your family to the hills? Take a trip to Uttarakhand’s Sri Hemkund Sahib and immerse yourself in the serenity. It is dedicated to the tenth guru, Gobind Singh and is around 350 km from Delhi. Its star-shaped architecture located 4000 mts above sea level will appeal to all your senses. Stay assured of a smooth ride with Ford Endeavour’s Hill Launch Assist, which will keep you safe by helping you tackle uphill climbs.

Gurudwara Mattan Sahib


A place of worship to Sikhs and brahmins alike, Mattan Sahib was built by a brahmin who converted to Sikhism under the influence of Guru Nanak. And since it is situated in paradise Kashmir, its beauty and uniqueness is incomparable. So, if you are planning a trip to Kashmir, don’t miss out on Gurudwara Mattan Sahib, located two hours from Srinagar.

Travelling is all about surprising yourself and learning something new. So, the next time you think of hitting the road, aim for a cultural trip by visiting renowned religious sites.

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