Smart Ways to Plan a Vacation in 2020

The year 2020 is not just the start of a new year, but also the start of a new decade! A new decade waiting to be shaped by your choices and decisions. So, this year, take stock of your life and reflect on where you’re going and if that’s in line with what you really want.

The one common thing you will find on your bucket list, as well as every new year’s resolution list, is – travel more! However, this desire may sometimes take a backseat as you get swallowed by work, personal commitments or financial pressures. But this time, don’t let your travel dreams go unfulfilled. Instead, step foot into 2020 by igniting the traveler in you. And since this year is filled several long weekends; it gives you the perfect opportunity to explore and #DiscoverMore.

Many a time, more than going on a vacation, planning one takes in the extra effort. So, here are some smart ways to plan your vacation for the coming year. These are actionable tips to help you stay true to your travel dreams:

Plan and Research

Start with picking the dates and choosing the long weekends and holidays that work for you. After doing that, get the map out! You can go anywhere in the country, all you have to do is pick the places that you have been wanting to see. Research on the of the place, activities to do, dates of local events and festivals etc.

You can get started by reading about 2020 Long Weekends here. Our blog, Driving Ford, also has several suggestions for perfect road trips, depending on weather, terrain or the experiences you prefer. There’s a plethora of articles on different themes you can read to make a perfect itinerary and help you save time.

Apply for Leaves

Planning your leaves from work well in advance better aligns teams and avoids any clashes with other members looking to plan their travel on the same dates. You can also plan your work in a way that there aren’t any important tasks or meetings scheduled for the days you are going to be travelling. Once you get the go-ahead from work, you can continue planning your trip stress-free.

Solo or Group Travel

It’s essential to decide on this. Travelling with friends and family is fun and comfortable. It also helps reduce your travel expenses significantly. With tons of space to accommodate your favourite people, your Ford Endeavour can whisk you all away on an impromptu road trip.

However, if there’s a place only you’re interested in visiting, or others aren’t free when you feel like you’re ready to drive away and explore a new city, then solo travel is an option you should consider. And if you’ve never been on a solo trip before, then here’s a motto for you for 2020 – ‘do things never done before’. Fight your fears of being alone and ahead out on an empowering solo trip. You can read up on several tips for Solo Travelers here.


Once you’ve decided on whether you’re travelling solo or with loved ones, this step is next in line. The key to integrating more travel this new year is by being financially smart about it. If one trip empties your pocket, you’ll be wary of even thinking of another one. Hence, deciding your budget in advance and saving for it over time is an excellent place to start.

Book in Advance

Now that you have your budget in place and a well-researched plan book your hotels in advance to bag the best deals. If there are certain adventure sports or tours, like a vineyard visit or safari, you can book tickets for them beforehand so that you don’t have to waste time standing in long queues when you’re there. Also, you’ll often get great discounts when you book for such tours well in advance.

Sticking to travel resolutions can be tough as it can get rather expensive. The trick is to reduce expenses wherever possible. For instance, don’t spend thousands on flight tickets for one trip, choose road trips in your favourite Ford to make your journey a lot more fun. The fun-to-drive Ford cars that offer class-leading safety, intuitive technology & several convenience features will ensure you make great memories, without blowing through your travel budget.

Another effective way to stick to your new year resolutions or well, any goal for that matter is to ask yourself why. ‘Why is this something I want to do or achieve?’ Identifying the purpose helps you stay on track. With travel, your purpose can be to #DiscoverMore and to go further. Travel lets you experience new encounters, take home interesting stories, create cherishable memories and unravel a new you. It gives you perspective about people, places, culture and leaves with a feeling of fulfilment.

Looking forward to 2020 and the amazing weekend trips that await you? Stay tuned as Ford brings you exciting travel ideas and itineraries to help you make the most of the holidays in 2020.