Love cars? Here are Some Great Books on Cars You Must Read During Self-Isolation

Social distancing and self-isolation are the new normal for all of us as we help contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus. But this time spent in quarantine serves as the perfect opportunity to build on your passion! For all the car enthusiasts, who love and miss driving, these automobile books can take you on an adventure through time with stories that have shaped the auto industry as we know it. From inspiring books of some of the most famous car makers to informative ones on car designs, pick from a variety of e-books and spend your time indulging in your love for cars.

Monopoly on Wheels by William Greenleaf

The intricate laws of car design are not easy to understand. But this book does a pretty good job of explaining it. ‘Monopoly on Wheels’ is a well-researched book that vividly illustrates the Selden patent right battle in the American auto industry. With historical elements and suspense, this book is a classic piece on patent litigation. William Greenleaf successfully captures how almost a century ago the Selden patent suit freed the auto industry and paved the way for Henry Ford’s recognition. It is truly an eye-opening read and is sure to educate you on the social and technological revolution in the early 20th century.

The Car Book by Steve Noon

Award-winning illustrator and artist, Steve Noon’s ‘The Car Book’ is a treat to those who admire classic cars. With around a hundred images, the book showcases the evolution of cars from early production line cars and US-style Setters to convertibles and competition machines. For every car illustrated, you can find details on the engine, origin, top speed, design and other interesting facts.

American Icon by Bryce Hoffman

In 2008, the American auto industry was affected by the global economic slowdown and on staring at an eventual bankruptcy. The US-government announced a multi billion-dollar bailout plan for the industry to tide through the crisis. Under the charismatic leadership of CEO Alan Mulally, not only did Ford Motor Company refuse the bailout but was able to soldier through and get back on its feet. This compelling narrative by Bryce Hoffman sketches the harsh realities of the American auto industry. The author was granted access to Ford’s broad meetings and confidential records to put this book together. This perspective and the elements of drama it entails gives the book a thriller-feel rather than an ordinary business book.

Go Like Hell by A.J. Baime

Go Like Hell narrates the extraordinary tale of Henry Ford II seeking the help of former racing star, Carroll Shelby, to reinvent Ford cars. Together they attempt to build a powerful racing car to beat Ferrari at a European car racing event; a venture that no American car had entered. Through this book, A.J Baime takes readers to a world of risk by brilliantly capturing the rivalry between two industrialists, their cars and the drivers that take them to triumph and doom. It is a fascinating read that is sure to keep you engaged.

American Business Abroad by Frank Ernest Hill and Mira Wilkins

Wonder what it takes to be a car manufacturer? American Business Abroad: Ford on Six Continents is your ideal pick. The book documents Ford Motor Company’s first 60 years of global expansion and how it became a multinational firm. The book also shows how, by the mid-1920s, the car manufacturer had established itself on six continents. The examinations of Frank Ernest Hill and Mira Wilkins is a significant contribution to international economic history. Besides, the book offers practical lessons to those interested in international trade.

If cars are your first love, head to a cosy corner in your house and let these words take you into another world. You are bound to learn something new, and you’ll get a much-needed break from your electronic devices. And remember, stay safe and take care of yourself!