Car Care Tips During Lockdown

With the threat of novel Coronavirus confining most of us to our homes, daily schedules and routine life have taken a hit. Kids are at home 24X7, a large percentage of employed people are working from home, and outdoor movement has been restricted, unless necessary. While you are #ParkedForSafety and helping a great deal to #FlattentheCurve, you’re probably wondering what all this inactivity is doing to your beloved companion – your car.

During this hibernation period, you can follow these easy tips to maintain your car and ensure its smooth performance at the end of the lockdown.

Cover it Up

Since you will probably use your car occasionally – for things like grocery runs – it is best to protect it from harsh sunlight, rain & dust. For this reason, it is best to park it inside a garage or a car shed. Alternatively, you can use a car cover to keep it safe from scratches, insects, and bird droppings. A car cover is also effective in maintaining the car paint and shine. If you don’t have a car cover, you may use a thick cloth, like a bed sheet you were about to discard, to keep your Ford protected.

Maintain the Battery

Loss of battery charge is one of the most common problems reported when a car has been left immobile for a prolonged period. To avoid this, turn on the ignition once every three to four days and let the engine run for a few minutes. This will not only prevent the battery from running down but will also help lubricate the engine components. A well-lubricated engine is less likely to suffer from premature wear and offers a smooth, effortless drive.

Avoid Using Handbrake 

If you are parking on a flat surface, you should prefer deploying a forward gear before leaving the car than engaging the handbrake or parking brake. This is done to ensure that a small chance of brake getting stuck to the wheel can be eliminated. However, if your car is parked on a slope, we recommend using both a gear and the handbrake to eliminate all possibilities of the vehicle rolling back.

Protect it From Intruders

While a garage or car shed can be an ideal place to protect a car from various natural elements, you could risk damage to your car’s electricals by rodents or other intruders. So, try cleaning your car entirely from inside and ensure there are no traces of chips or other eatables; these can invite rats, ants and other pests. You can spread mothballs or peppermint-dipped cotton swabs to keep them away.

A thorough cleaning of surfaces – like steering wheel, gear lever, door handles etc. – that you touch more frequently with a good disinfectant is also recommended to remove any germs and microbes.

Keep Sufficient Fuel

While you may not be taking your car out daily, keep the fuel tank sufficiently filled so you can take the car in case there is an emergency. If the fuel is less, then overtime the air above the fuel might condense and store moisture inside the tank. And this could lead to rusting.

Care for Tyres

As a car’s tyres bear its complete weight, they require utmost care and attention. The tyre patch between the ground and a stationary car can create weak points that can make it prone to deflation over time. Therefore, it is advisable to move your car back and forth in the parking spot from time to time. You can move your car when you start it every few days.

It is equally important to keep the tyres inflated as per the recommended tyre pressure. This ensures your car’s tyres remain in the best condition possible. So, next time you are out for a grocery run, don’t forget to get your vehicle’s tyre pressure & fuel levels checked at the nearest fueling station.

With these basic tips, your car will remain the in top shape even if you aren’t using it as frequently.

If your Ford is due for servicing during the period of lockdown, you don’t have to worry. For your convenience, Ford is offering a three-month extension in availing all scheduled service benefits, including free service, to June 30, 2020, without impacting either factory-warranty or extended warranty.

So, take care of your car and yourself and stay safe!

#ParkedForSafety Ford Guide

Now is the time to contribute to the greater good and cease the spread of COVID19. While you do your bit and stay #ParkedForSafety don’t neglect your cars. Follow these simple, yet effective methods of keeping your Ford well maintained and read our blog for a detailed understanding: you been following any of these practices on your own? Tell us in the comments below.

Posted by Ford on Tuesday, 31 March 2020

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