#ParkedForSafety at Home? Here are Some Great Ways to Bide Your Time

While this lockdown period can get a bit challenging, especially for those who are always on the move, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. This extra time at home is, in fact, the perfect opportunity to discover or rediscover old talents and new hobbies that you may have a penchant for and enjoy more than you know. So, if you’re sitting home and wondering how to bide time until you’re back on the road, here are a few ideas that can help keep boredom at bay and let you flex your creative muscles. And who knows, by the end of this lockdown you might even have a new skill under your belt.

Indulge in Arts and Crafts

If you are amongst those, who watch countless DIY videos and thought “hey! I could do this too”, now’s your time to make it happen. Pull up those videos and articles that you bookmarked and start creating. Whether it is glass painting or origami, there are tons of videos to guide you in ways to create artwork which you can use to decorate your home. Go ahead and unleash your creative talent, and you will have plenty of DIY gifts for friends and family once you get together again.

Dabble in Journal Writing

No, this isn’t the same as a teenager’s diary. On some level, journal writing can be therapeutic and can be particularly helpful in times like these, when you are stressed out and worked up. Journal writing lets you record minute details about your day that can serve as inspiration later or could simply offer an outlet to your emotions. It could be anything from ideas that strike you at odd hours to things you plan to do once life goes back to normal. It could also be small, everyday things for which you are grateful, that make you smile and help you keep a positive outlook on life.

Start a Home Garden

You don’t need to have a large plot of land or a wide-open space to develop a small yet impressive home garden. All you need are a few pots (containers will work if you don’t have pots), some mud, a little enthusiasm and dedication! Start with some super-useful and easy to grow plants, such as aloe vera or herbs like fenugreek and mint, which take only a few days to sprout.

Make Travel Videos

With the entire country in lockdown mode, you probably miss spontaneously getting into your Ford car and driving to your favourite weekend getaway. What you could do, however, is revisit some of your favourite memories from past road trips. So, while your car is #ParkedForSafety, gather pictures and videos from your previous travels – local life, architecture, food and culture – and create travel videos that you can share with the world. Not only will this let you document some never-seen-before memories, but you might even inspire others to get out and travel more when the time is right.

Meditate for Mindfulness

Being stuck indoors for days on end could put a real strain on your mental health. So, to get through this stressful and uncertain time, it is essential you calm and relax your mind. You can find several free or paid apps that will teach you to meditate. Or you can watch videos on mindfulness and meditation. You don’t need much for this; just a quiet corner in your home where you can sit down and get in touch with yourself. You can even make this a family activity.

Learn Something New

At some point, almost everyone has felt the urge to pick up a new skill but has been forced to put it on hold for lack of time. But now that you’re confined to your home, there is no reason to procrastinate anymore. For instance, if you have always wanted to perfect the art of baking, gather the ingredients and start with something simple like a sponge cake or brownie. There are plenty of easy recipes available on the internet that you could follow. And don’t worry if you don’t have an oven; you can find cooking hacks to bake without one.

Alternatively, if you’re a worldly traveler that hopes to form better connections with the local people on your next trip, consider learning a new language. There are tons of apps and websites that can make the process fun and productive. Or perhaps if you are musically inclined, try learning to play an instrument or sign up for professional vocal classes. The options are plenty. All you need is to dedicate a small part of your day to pursuing something you always wanted to do.

While you self-quarantine to #FlattenTheCurve and stay safe, try out one of these suggestions to keep yourself occupied. So, stay home and stay safe, while you #DiscoverMore about yourself.

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