Ways to Channelize Your Love for Travelling During Lockdown

It’s the time of the year when you’d be counting down the days to your summer road trip with your group of friends or family as kids will soon start their summer vacations. Unfortunately, with the on-going pandemic situation, all summer vacation plans have been put on hold. But if the traveler in you is itching to plan a vacation or do something travel-related, here are few things you can do:

Write About Your Experiences

Having travelled a lot, you probably have stories about the places you have visited, the food, architecture, culture and more. While you may be unable to go anywhere physically, you can revisit past travel memories and pen down your experiences. Write about the things you have seen and done, offer advice on transportation and accommodation, what to eat and buy and other such suggestions. And don’t forget to add pictures of these wonderful times. Your first-hand experiences may not only encourage others to travel but might even make it easy for someone to plan their next trip.

A good way to start sharing your experiences is through this blog. WE will help you get started by featuring your experiences on drivingford.in. You can start by submitting a travel writeup, along with images, to us at gnikhil1@ford.com and we will be happy to work with you to make it live here, with due credit of course.

Make a Vlog

If writing isn’t your “thing” and you’d much rather talk about your travels, consider starting a travel vlog. Compile all the pictures and videos you captured during your past travels, prepare a script with the insights you gained and make a video. You can even get creative with the vlog by using any of the many video editing tools available to add music and other edits. Share the video on social media and allow others to experience the journey through your eyes! Don’t forget to tag us in your travel videos.

Read Books on Travel

Another way to itch the travel bug is by letting someone else’s accounts transport you through time to another place. There are tons of exciting books on travel that you can escape into, while you are #ParkedForSafety at home. Some enjoyable reads include ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, ‘On the Road’ by Jack Kerouac, ‘Vagabonding’ by Rolf Potts and ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ by Heinrich Harrer. With just a book in your hand, you can cross boundaries and explore new territories.

Make a Photo Album

Can’t stop staring at the pictures of gorgeous sunsets, delicious street food, mesmerising mountains and stunning beaches that you have taken over the years? There’s no better time than this home-quarantine period to go through your albums and sort out photos from different trips. You can create separate albums for solo trips, family vacations, treks and road trips. You can even add notes under each picture on what you remember about the sights or food, or even why everyone was laughing so hard. It’s a great way to personalise the album.

Post Throwback Travel Photos

You can also use your travel enthusiasm and knowledge to inspire others. Post pictures or videos from your old trips on social media and add captions describing where you went and what made the place so special. You never know- your posts could inspire someone to widen their travel horizons!

Or if you simply want to revisit a hilarious memory, post funny or embarrassing pictures of your friends (if they are the kind who don’t mind) from a funfilled trip. These memories will surely bring a smile to their faces.

Join an Online Travel Community

While you are busy inspiring others with your travel, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have someone inspire you too. Join an online travel community where you can interact with fellow travellers. Let their stories motivate you and share yours with them. Through these communities, you can get ideas for future trips, find hacks to save money, or recommendations to must-visit offbeat places. These are excellent platforms for bonding with other travel lovers and making new friends.

These are some excellent ways to channelise your passion for travel and turn your home quarantine period into a fruitful one. Leave planning your next trip for when the time is right. For now, stay safe and stay at home.