This is How You Can Make Celebrations Fun While #ParkedForSafety At Home

There is no question that the lockdown has been exceptionally effective to check the spread of COVID-19. And while staying #ParkedForSafety is essential right now, it has certainly put a dampener on celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries. Fortunately, the digital age we live in has made it possible to do pretty much everything from your home. So, whether it is a milestone birthday, significant anniversary or any other occasion, here are some ideas to create a memorable celebration.

Party the Virtual Way

One of the things you probably miss is a good old-fashioned house party with your closest friends. Put a virtual twist on your celebration by getting on a multi-person video chat (platforms such as House Party or Zoom are particularly useful for this). And the best part is these video calls don’t have to include only chatting. Turn on some music, bring out the drinks and snacks, or play an interesting game and it could be a whole new thing. You can even get the ‘real’ party feel with a little dancing or jamming to your favourite songs.

Make Movie Night a New Experience

Miss meeting up for your monthly movie dates? Well, you don’t have to give the tradition up completely. While you may not be able to watch the latest blockbuster to hit the silver screen, you can certainly catch up on a movie together. For instance, the Chrome extension – Netflix Party – lets you watch the same film as your friends at the same time. You can even chat with each other onscreen as well. So, get a tub of popcorn, sit back and tune into your favourite film with your friends or family no matter where they are.

Plan A Digital Game-Night

Game nights have become rather popular in recent times, and that’s because they are filled with laughter, fun and some crazy competitiveness. If you miss game nights with your friends or colleagues, propose taking your gaming venue to a digital platform while still practicing self-isolation. You can play fun games like Psych, Ludo, Uno, Heads-up, Catan or even competitive ones like Risk, PUB-G or Call of Duty through the many available mobile apps.

Do a Room Crawl

While pubs and clubs are closed at the moment, you can bring the classic ‘pub crawl’ to your home in a few simple steps. Here’s what you do – create a party playlist with fun, upbeat music. Assign a drink to different rooms in your home. Hop from one room to another with your family, partner or flat-mate and enjoy a drink in each room. You can even get on a video call with your loved ones and say “Cheers”. And don’t forget to take pictures because it will definitely bring back some laughs and memories when you look back in the future.

Try a 21st-Century Dinner Date

Home quarantining does not mean you have to say goodbye to dinner dates entirely. Turn a special day into a low-key celebration while staying connected to your loved ones. Whether it is an anniversary with your partner or a casual dinner with your bestie get on a video call. Cook your favourite meal, pour yourself a drink and set the phone or laptop camera at a distance where you can see each other. You can even set a romantic mood with a little candlelight or dim lighting. And make sure you dress up; after all, it is a date!

These are just a few out-of-the-box ways to celebrate special moments with friends and family. Now that you know how to turn that frown upside down while you are #ParkedForSafety at home go ahead and create some wonderful celebration memories. A virus can be infectious, but so can happiness! So, stay optimistic and stay safe.