Hits and Misses of the Lockdown

The nationwide lockdown has been our “new normal” for the past several weeks. While we all agree that staying #ParkedForSafety in our homes was extremely crucial to #FlattenTheCurve, in the course of this self-isolation however, you have probably developed a love-hate relationship with certain things in this routine. So, here are some bittersweet feelings many are feeling during the lockdown.

Hit: More Time With Family

Everyday office schedule can often get in the way of you spending time with your family. Work, meetings and plans with friends take up quite a bit of time. But since staying indoors has become the norm, you now have more time to bond with family. Be it meal time or watching TV, the lockdown has offered the perfect opportunity to get together as a family. And if you are a parent, this is probably the best time to connect with your kids. In fact, now that you are enjoying some quality family time, it will be easier to incorporate it into your daily routine; a habit that you should keep even after the lockdown ends.

Miss: Not Seeing Friends & Loved Ones

On the other hand, if you have been unfortunate to be stuck home alone, not being able to visit your friends or family is probably frustrating. Fortunately, technology and video calls have eased this longing, allowing you to see your loved ones even if they are miles away. Random short calls where all you did was exchange pleasantries have been replaced with quality conversations, and you’re probably better connected with others than ever before.

Hit: Time For Hobbies

If there is one thing the lockdown has provided, it is time; time to not just pick a new hobby, but to cultivate it through weeks of dedicated practice. Whether it is cooking, playing an instrument or learning a new language, people are discovering and rediscovering their passions during the extended time at home. But it is important to continue pursuing these interests once the lockdown ends and you go back to your old routine. The idea is to #GoFurther in your skills and passions.

Miss: Your Sports Routine

While the lockdown is ideal for engaging in hobbies, it may have put a stop to your regular sports routine – playing football or going swimming. However, this may have pushed you to get creative with your workouts and opened you up to new experiences. In the bid to stay fit and active within the four walls of your home, you have probably watched numerous home workout videos and tried different kinds of routines to get your daily dose of exercise.

Hit: More “Me-Time”

After reading tons of articles and information on the importance of self-care, the lockdown has perhaps made it possible to incorporate self-care practices into your daily routine. With more ‘me-time’ at your disposal, indulging in meditation and mindfulness has become easier, both of which are effective for dealing with stress, anxiety and exhaustion. It is an excellent opportunity to reflect on your health, aspirations and life decisions, and prioritise your mental health and well-being over other things.

Miss: No Road Trips or Weekend Travel

If you are one of those people whose ‘me-time’ consists of escaping to new places, then this lockdown must be one of the most challenging times you have ever faced. While you may have plenty of alone-time right now, not being able to jump into your Ford car and head on a road trip when the weekend arrives can be rather frustrating. The silver lining, though, is planning and looking forward to all the places you will be able to see once this is all over.

Hit: Spending Less Money

If you usually fretted about overshooting your monthly budget on unnecessary expenses, the lockdown has probably brought a smile to your face when you’ve looked at your bank balance in recent weeks. With malls, restaurants, theatres, and everything else closed, and your spending limited to essentials, there’s no room to blow up your money, and this means more savings.

Miss: Entertainment options

While staying indoors might have increased savings, it probably means limited entertainment options. But don’t be glum that you cannot catch the latest film in the theatre. Instead, consider how you can put a twist on entertainment. Watch old classics that have inspired contemporary cinema or rewatch your childhood favourites. Read books on which some of the most iconic films were made. And with so many streaming services available, you don’t have to worry about being late for a movie; you can schedule your entertainment based on what suits you best!

The lockdown may have led to some drastic changes in your lifestyle. But it is essential to acknowledge that it is only a temporary measure to ensure everyone’s safety and curb the spread of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Other positives that have come from these restrictions are better air quality and cleaner water bodies. This is perhaps the best time to become more conscious of our actions and make caring for our environment a lifelong practice, which could change the world for the better.

So, while you remain #ParkedForSafety, think of the positives of the lockdown and look forward to a brighter tomorrow.