Make This Mother’s Day special with these DIY Gifts

For one day in the year, mothers all over the world are showered with love and gifts. It is, after all, the least we can do for those superwomen in our lives that have given us so much, for which we should be happy and grateful. If your Mother’s Day celebrations usually involved taking her out for a meal or buying her something special, chances are, this year it will be different. With the ongoing lockdown, these are not viable options.

So, what else can you do? The key to a mother’s heart is effort, and this is the perfect time to flex your creative muscles and conjure up some easy DIY presents for her. You can even customise the gift based on her preferences. Here are some cool suggestions.


Whether you think this is classic or cliche, there’s no gift like flowers for your mother. Be it a bouquet or a vase, flowers can brighten up rooms, and make spaces appear more lively. Consider making a flowerpot from scratch (and no, you don’t have to learn pottery for this).

What to do: Use simple things lying around the house – such as disposable glass or steel containers. Decorate the exteriors with glitter, by painting a pattern or covering it with coloured paper to give your DIY flowerpot a more attractive appearance. You can even use egg cartons to make mini planters that can adorn the windows or the balcony. And if you are unable to buy real flowers, use coloured paper or fabric to make flowers for the flowerpot.

Scented Candles

If you are up for trying something a little complicated, try making your mom some homemade scented candles. You can also customise these with her favourites to make it the perfect gift.

What to do: Melt regular candles that you have at home, add essential oils (peppermint, citrus or lavender) and food colouring to customise it with her favourite colour and aroma. Place a wick in containers of your choice and pour the melted wax in them to let the candles set. You can also stick little labels on the candles that say “Handmade with Love”. Not only does this gift show that you’ve taken the time and effort to make it special, but she will also love using it.

Jewellery Organiser

If your mother loves jewellery and has lots of it, a jewellery box or organiser would make a super-useful gift for her.

What to do: You can use a chocolate box, tray, or any other storage-like box for this. Glue velvet, suede or another soft fabric you have at home to the base of the box. Create different sections to store different kinds of jewellery. You can also make a bangle tower with tissue roll tubes. Decorate the outside of the box with coloured or gift wrapping paper (make sure it complements her room decor). She will be sure to think of you every time she puts on or removes her jewellery.

Photo Cube

If you want to make a gift that will make your mom truly nostalgic, try a photo cube which could also serve as a beautiful decorative piece.

What to do: Cut out six squares of cardboard, acrylic or any other suitable material, and fix them together to make a cube. Decorate the cube with shiny or coloured paper, paint or glitter to make it attractive. Next, stick photographs from her life on the faces of the cube (except the base) and voila! Your mom will have a lovely decorative item for her table or desk.

Alternatively, you can create a photo wall hanging with memorable moments of the family and her life that she would love to see hanging on her wall.


If your mother a bibliophile, then creating custom bookmarks would be an excellent gift option. And the best part is that there are various ways to make your homemade bookmarks stand out.

What to do: Use colourful paper, thick fabric or acrylic and cut out rectangular strips for the base. You could also cut out other fun shapes – leaves, animals, planets or anything else that she loves. Embellish these bookmarks with tassels, beads, ribbons or stickers. Or take the classic bookworm route and write quotes from her favourite books on them. Whatever you do, keep your mom’s taste in mind and get artistic with these.

Mother’s Day is all about showing your mother that you love her and letting her know how much she means to you. And even if you are #ParkedForSafety in another city, make her a simple but thoughtful DIY gift and send her a picture of it on Mother’s Day; she will undoubtedly be thrilled with it. You don’t have to move mountains or spend a fortune to woo her. Just a small gesture of love is enough to make her day.