Simple Ways to Turn Your Home Into A Summer Vacation Spot

A few months ago you probably thought that your summer would involve relaxing on a sunny beach with a cold drink in hand, or exploring a hill-station with the family and indulging in fun activities. Unfortunately, this year, summer has a unique ring to it. As the world around us sets new norms for social behavior and most of us practice self-distancing, going on vacation may not be an immediate option. That, however, does not mean you have to miss out on the fun and frolic with your family completely! If you cannot head out on a summer vacation, these ideas will help you bring a summer vacation with a twist to you.

So gather the family and transform your home into the perfect summer vacation spot while staying #ParkedForSafety.

Set up a Camp

If you love spending time outdoors, a mini adventure waits for you in your backyard, garden or terrace. Pop a tent up or create a make-shift one with poles and sheets to rekindle that outdoorsy spirit just a few steps away from your home. To make the experience even more authentic, stock up on some delicious snacks and juices and carry a portable speaker (but don’t blast your music too loud or you might disturb your neighbours). You can enjoy storytime or sing-alongs with the kids. If a backyard or garden isn’t an option, convert your bedroom or balcony into a cosy space by hanging fairy lights and stars.

Cool Off With Refreshing Drinks

Don’t you love being handed a chilled welcome drink when you walk into a hotel? Well, that is because there’s nothing more refreshing than a delicious drink to beat the heat. And staying hydrated is essential when temperatures spike. So, grab a large jug and concoct a mocktail of your favourite juices topped with loads of ice. Leave the pitcher in your living room for the family to pour themselves a tall, refreshing drink on a hot summer afternoon. You can stir up a new drink every day and use fresh fruit and other options to keep it healthy too!

Host a BBQ

If you miss the fancy dinners you enjoy on holiday, add a little spark to a regular meal to keep things interesting. Host a barbeque for the family under a star-lit sky. Fire up the grill in your garden or terrace, and let the kids pick some of their favourites for you to grill. Put out a jug or two of cold drinks and enjoy a hearty meal with the family on a balmy summer night. And if you don’t have a grill or barbeque, just whip up a tasty dinner, set out a table under the night sky and enjoy a candlelight meal with the family.

Hold a Games Tourney

Vacation is all about spending quality time with your family and there is nothing more satisfying than doing so over games, both board and outdoor ones. Take game nights to a whole new level by holding a games tourney for the family. From vocabulary and word skills like Scrabble to strategic multiplayer board games like Monopoly, there are tons to choose from. If you want something more action-packed, organise a scavenger hunt or a ‘Minute-to-Win-It game. So, set up a schedule, divide up into groups and don’t forget adding a super prize for the winning team.

Outdoor Picnic

Everyone loves a fun picnic, and putting one together is simple. Cook up some easy-to-eat finger foods or try out something experimental that will tickle the family’s taste-buds. Grab a few juices, a mat or blanket to spread on the ground and some board games, and gather your family in the backyard for a picnic. You can even give it a fun spin with a theme, such as Hawaiian or a sport, and stick to it from the dress code to the decoration.

One of the pleasures of a vacation is getting together with your loved ones and creating unforgettable memories. Despite being at home this summer, make the most of your time together by finding creative ways to have fun. So, continue to #DiscoverMore ways to spend time with your family and try new things. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos to recall these cherishable moments and share them on our social pages. Tag @Ford on Facebook, @FordIndia on Twitter & Instagram and we will be happy to feature your perfect homestay vacations to inspire others.