Five Things to Remember As Lockdown Restrictions Are Eased

After spending weeks in lockdown and distancing yourself from everyone else, things will have to slowly start going back to normal. Towns and cities are looking less deserted, stores are gradually opening, and there is more movement. But it is essential to understand that this does not mean that the pandemic has come to an end.

As more people step out to resume their routines, the risk of the virus spreading still remains considerably high. So, if you plan on heading outdoors post lockdown, take these essential preventive measures to remain safe.

Don’t Travel For Leisure

Wanderlust may run through your veins, but the current situation may still not be ideal for heading out for the weekend. So avoid making any kind of travel plans or heading to popular, crowded places. Step out only when it’s necessary. Be patient and stay up to date on the situation as it changes.

However, with the right precautions, you can consider taking your Ford out for the occasional drive. The first precaution is thoroughly disinfecting your car. Video below gives you a snapshot of which areas to clean. You can read our recent blog here which has detailed instructions on how to disinfect your car.

Contact Areas to Disinfect In Your Ford

Safety is the need of the hour and you must adopt it by starting to disinfect your car. Here's a list of some key contact areas that you must clean to get your Ford ready for the road. Read our blog to know more:

Posted by Ford on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Continue with Precautionary Measures

Washing your hands with soap, even when they are not visibly dirty, is a hygiene habit you should add to your daily routine as it can protect you from diseases other than COVID-19 as well. It is also advisable to carry a hand sanitiser wherever you go after the lockdown. In fact, it’s prudent to keep a sanitizer or disinfectant handy at all contact points or in places where you spend most of your time. Keep one in your bag which you can use on the go, including before getting in your car.

While you may be excited to see colleagues or friends after weeks of social distancing, avoid hugging and hand-shaking since you may not know who an asymptomatic carrier is. Instead, use a cool new way to greet people, like an elbow bump, a peace sign, an air-five (high-five without touching) or the age-old Namaste.

Opt for Online Services

Whether it’s paying your utility bills or getting groceries, try doing as much as you can online. Even once the lockdown is lifted, public spaces will continue to be risky. So whether you need to bank, shop or meet, try going digital.

Even if you need to get your car ready for post-lockdown travel but are worried about unnecessary exposure, there are risk-free services available. For instance, to ensure the safety of all customers, Ford’s Dial-A-Ford service makes it possible to get your car serviced, test-drive a Ford car or even buy a new car, all without stepping outside your home. And everything is cleaned and sanitised, so you go about life as usual.

As Ford dealerships reopen to serve you, Dial-A-Ford ensures that you continue to prioritize safety, without compromising convenience. From bringing a new car home to getting your Ford serviced, we will bring dealership right at your doorstep. Just call 1800-419-3000 and leave the rest on your Ford family.

Posted by Ford on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Maintain Respiratory Hygiene

As you return to your routine once the lockdown has been lifted or even if you are just stepping out to run a few errands, maintain basic respiratory hygiene tips for both, your safety and that of those around you. Continue to wear a face mask wherever you go. It might seem inconvenient but think of yourself as a mask-wearing superhero who fights disease with tissues and hand sanitiser. If you don’t have a mask and need to sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue or your elbow to prevent the germs spreading from your palms.

Ease Into Your Pre-Lockdown Lifestyle

It may be very tempting to return to everything you love – restaurants, gyms, film theatres, clubs, etc. – the moment the lockdown is lifted. And that’s understandable since these helped you unwind. However, until the situation is entirely under control, and there is no scare of community transmission, it is best to tread with caution and avoid crowded spaces. What you can take from the lockdown phase, however, is keeping in touch with friends and family. Video call and message those who helped you get through this time. You can be sure that you will still enjoy the conversations and e-meet ups.

Despite how tough things seem right now, continue to keep the faith that things will get better with time. Things may not go back to life as you once knew it. Brace yourself for changes and know that they are all in the best interest of keeping the general public safe and protected. After all, the human race has adapted to change since the beginning of time, and this will eventually become a part of our evolution. So, stay strong and welcome change!