Here’s How to Revive Road Trip Plans, But with Caution

As with every new year, 2020 probably started with a lot of excitement and a list of travel goals for you. Unfortunately, all those plans have had to be put on pause courtesy the COVID-19 pandemic. While crossing road trips off your bucket list may not be a feasible option, but as government relaxes lockdown restrictions, and with a little extra caution, we bring you some ways in which you can make the most of this year.

Hometown Tripping

It’s called hometown for a reason; it’s a place that rekindles childhood memories and makes you feel comfortable. But if you live in another city, busy schedules usually keep you from visiting your hometown. And when you do have a few days off, it’s natural that you head out to see newer places. However, now could be an ideal time to head back home if you want to travel. It’ll be a road trip down the memory lane – to a familiar city, familiar people, coupled with the warmth of your family members by your side. A self-drive road trip to your hometown will not only be a welcome change from a lockdown life but will be relatively safer too. By driving in your car, you would help isolate your family from crowded public spaces where chances of infections can be higher.

Chase Experiences

Travelling across a continent or backpacking through multiple states may not be possible for the next few months. So, instead of focusing on destinations, indulge in new experiences that are within your reach. For instance, if you are the outdoorsy kind, you can go stargazing, hiking, or bird watching at open places around your city. And if you prefer indoor activities, try pottery, tastings, or simulation games via virtual reality.

Start with Day Trips

With travel restrictions being lifted to an extent, add a little travel to your weekend with day trips. Instead of checking into a hotel for a night or two, look for places within 100-150 km from where you live to explore. Set out in your Ford early in the morning and head back home in the evening. This way, you stay safe in the confines of your own car while traveling. You can make these trips enjoyable with a small family picnic at open spaces in and around your city. Pack homemade snacks and carry juices and water so that there’s no need for unnecessary stops along the way.

While there are some ways to travel safe, it’s essential that you remember the lockdown relaxations do not mean the pandemic has ended. So, ensure you accommodate safety norms in your travel plans. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Avoid Crowds: Pick road trip destinations that are lesser-known and less likely to be crowded with other travellers. Or avoid visiting places during peak times. If you do find yourself in a crowded area, wear a mask and practice social distancing.
  • Carry the Essentials: Carry your own food and water from home. Depending on the length of your trip, pack light meals for lunch and dinner. Essentials like hand sanitiser, face masks, disinfectant wipes, etc. are also a must. With all that storage space in your Ford EcoSport, packing all this will be easy.
  • Know Your Route: No matter where your road trip takes you, make sure you know the route and pitstops you’re going to make before setting out. Avoid unnecessary stops to ensure minimal contact with others. While having a navigation system is always great, downloading offline maps can come in handy too.
  • Skip Extremely Remote Places: While getting off the grid and away from the crowds is what you might want to do, it may be advisable to skip remote areas. Having access to emergency services, especially in current times, is essential, and this may not be possible if you are in a remote area with a low network.

With these precautions in mind, it’s time to seize your weekends and start making plans to get back on the road. But while you have fun and create new memories, remember to follow personal hygiene habits and stay smart and safe while you are out there. Keep watching our blog for more ideas on how to make most of your weekends while keeping your safety first.