Off-Beat Trek Trails to Add to Your Bucket List

India’s topography is varied, gorgeous and offers plenty of exploration opportunities, which is why it can satisfy the appetite of any adventure junkie. Whether you prefer rolling hills, icy deserts or tropical rain forests, you can find a landscape to suit your preference without venturing too far. And now, as life slowly goes back to normal, adventure seekers everywhere are probably itching to get back into nature and hike their days away.

However, since the current pandemic situation has not entirely passed, it is best to take certain precautions, and this means limiting your exposure to others. That said, here are some off-beat (and possibly less crowded) trekking trails you can trip to for a little adventure.

Karnataka: Galibeedu Peak

Level: Easy

An off-beat trekking trail near Madikeri in Coorg, Galibeedu is 274.9 km from Bengaluru and is perfect for novice trekkers. Along this trail, you will encounter lush meadows, winding streams and dense forests before being greeting by a breathtaking summit.

Drive along the Western Ghats to reach Coorg will give you a glimpse of green landscapes and extensive coffee plantations. So, keep the sunroof of your Ford EcoSport open to enjoy the fresh, cool breeze.

Karnataka: Anthargange Trek

Level: Moderate

Covered with huge volcanic rock boulders, this trek offers the chance to explore caves, apart from climbing to the peak. It is a moderately difficult trek, and the route passes through a temple and forest before becoming steep. If you are looking to make your journey a little more thrilling, you can start your trek at night, enjoy a campfire experience and a gorgeous sunrise in the morning.

Take a short, one-hour drive from Bangalore to reach Anthargange hill, near Kolar in your Ford Freestyle.

Maharashtra: Umberkhind trek

Level: Easy

Umberkhind, popularly known for Battle of Umberkhind, is a trek with both, picturesque and historical significance. On this trek, you will pass through the Kurvande pass and Kurvande Ghat. It is best done during the monsoon season; you can enjoy a view of the Amba River in all its glory. Walking further along the river will bring you to a war memorial dedicated to Shivaji. The Maratha forces, under Shivaji the Great, decisively defeated Mughals in this battle and the memorial celebrates this historic victory.

Located just 80-KM south of Mumbai, enroute to Pune, Umberkhind makes for a perfect drive with your family in your Ford Aspire. And perhaps all of you can take the trek to spend some quality time together too.

Himachal Pradesh: Langza to Hikkim

Level: Difficult

This gorgeous trek takes you through some of the highest villages in the world and offers spectacular views of snow-covered peaks and valleys. Along the trail, you will also be able to catch views of Chau Chau Kang Nilda Peak.

Langza is a paradise for geologist’s and contains numerous fossils of plants and sea creatures. And when in Hikkim, don’t forget to send a post to your loved ones from one of the world’s highest post offices. This beautiful hill-town is what a traveler’s dreams are made off. Get in your Ford Figo to make plan perfect drive from Chandigarh to Langza before commencing your trek.

Sikkim: Sandakphu Trek

Level: Moderate

Sandakphu lies on the border of Nepal and West Bengal. Due to its height and unique geographical placement, Sandakphu offers incredible views of four of the highest peaks in the world – Makalu, Lhotse, Kangchenjunga, and Mount Everest. And since the trail is along the Singalila National Park, it offers trekkers a chance to explore a variety of flora and fauna.

Arunachal Pradesh: The Bailey Trail Trek

Level: Moderate

This trail takes you to Mirathang – one of the highest mountains in the state. Throughout this eight-day trek, you will pass icy rivers, lowland pastures, thundering waterfalls of melted snow, alpine meadows and spectacular mountain views. While this adventure trail is visually pleasing, this journey also gives you the chance to experience the local culture at some of the secluded villages where you will stop.

Uttarakhand: Kanasar Lake Trek

Level: Difficult

Kanasar Lake Trek lies at an altitude of 4,600 meters and starts from the Sankri base camp. Located between Supin and Nalgan valley, Kanasar Lake is remains covered in ice and snow for most of the year. Since this area is secluded and hard to reach, it’s spellbound beauty to unknown to most. From forests of rhododendrons and pines to snow-covered slopes, this trek ticks all boxes.

Treks are one of the best ways to get a first-hand experience of a region, its culture and people. And exploring hidden places can make this experience even more fulfilling. So, this Trails Day, plan a trek to a new, lesser-known place, and #DiscoverMore about a region. Happy tripping!