Post Lockdown: Things you Can Look Forward to Again

The last few months have seen a slowdown of activities across the board in an attempt to tackle the global COVID-19 pandemic situation. Businesses and governments either halted or altered their normal course of functioning, social distancing and lockdowns became mandatory, and daily routines took on dramatic changes. While the threat from this pandemic is still far from over, businesses are resuming and cities are coming back to life, although with caution.

If you’ve been ticking off days on the calendar until the lockdown ends, that wait is over! As things get back on track, it’s time to enjoy the little things that you couldn’t do in the last few weeks. However, whatever you do, don’t forget to prioritize safety and follow best hygiene practices to keep the virus at bay.

Daily Commutes

From no trips to office for three months, to at least occasional ones every now and then. As businesses and workplaces resume operations, some of you may get to cherish that once dreaded daily commute.

While many people crib about having to commute an hour or so to their office, getting back to that part of your daily routine will finally feel like things are going back to normal. Whether seeing familiar places or enjoying a little “me time” as you drive to work and listen to music, your daily commute is something you will look forward to.

You may, however, have to prepare yourself for this change. For instance, wearing a face mask and carrying sanitiser will be essential wherever you go. Here are some tips to sanitise and clean your car before you hit the road. You can Dial-A-Ford to get your Ford car checked or serviced from the convenience and safety of your home.

Much Needed Market Visits

In the last few weeks, most of your grocery shopping trips may have been short and quick, either to adhere to curfew or to reduce exposing yourself. And while trips to the market may not have been a favourite thing to do, you might enjoy the freedom of exploring the aisles at the supermarket or going from cart to the other to buy fresh fruit and vegetables at your leisure. While you’re at it, don’t forget to express your gratitude to store-owners who kept their shops open during the lockdown so that you had access to all you need. A kind word or deed could certainly make them feel appreciated.

Weekly Short Drives

If you love driving, then the lockdown would have surely made you restless. However, now that you can get back on the roads, get in your Ford Freestyle and live up to your freestyle spirit. Be grateful to every drive, even if it’s for your market run or your office. And if you’ve been yearning to go on a road trip, head to a nearby picnic spot. Make sure you pick a spot which isn’t crowded. Be it the cool breeze hitting your face on the highway or the up and down drive on village roads; enjoy every moment because finally, you’re outdoors.

A Little Time with Loved Ones

If you are among those living away from family, the lockdown would probably have prevented you from travelling home to be with loved ones. If health, work and travel permits, a trip back home is something you would certainly look forward to. And if this does materialise, make sure you take the time and opportunity to let them know how much you missed them. If you missed a birthday or anniversary, make up for it with a surprise or do something special for them!

Possible Visit to Hang-Out Spots

Most people have certain places – a coffee shop, club or restaurant – that they visit frequently. Naturally, you’ve had to stay away from these places during the lockdown. As places now begin to open to customers, a casual visit to one of your favourite spots will feel special and exciting. However, make sure to continue practising the personal hygiene habits you adopted over the past few weeks and follow the protocol laid down by authorities and that particular establishment. Do check with your favourite hang-out spot if they are open and understand the kind of safety precautions they are following before visiting. Some cafes and restaurants are discouraging walk-ins and catering strictly to select customers who book their table in advance.

Short Road Trips

As the restrictions lift, the traveller in you will finally be awoken and you can get back on the road to explore hills, beaches and countrysides once again. And while this will all be possible, remember that safety should be your top priority. Skip places that are extremely far; instead, opt for short day-trips and explore places around your city. There are plenty of ways to plan trips while taking necessary caution. So, drive down to these places in your and enjoy a few thrilling, yet safe adventures.

There’s no doubt you’ve waited patiently for this extended lockdown to end. But while you are excited about going out and resuming daily life, take every precaution to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. In due course, there won’t be anything to worry about at all.