Must Have Items in Your Car at All Times

Just as your work desk has essentials – diary, pen and stationery – for smooth functioning, always carrying a few necessary things in your car is equally vital to ensure comfortable drives. Whether you spend a few hours in your car commuting daily or travelling to new locations, you must be ready for any situation. And with caution seeping into our daily lives thanks to the pandemic, this list of essentials in your car was bound to grow. So, here’s a list of must have things in your car.

Personal Hygiene Essentials

Let’s face it; the COVID-19 pandemic could be with us for a while, so it’s up to you to follow the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Remember always to carry

  • Disposable face masks
  • Gloves
  • Hand sanitiser

Store the sanitiser in an easily accessible place, preferably the glove compartment where it’s away from direct sunlight and use it as soon as you get into your vehicle. Also, keep a disinfectant spray or solution and use it on frequently touched areas, such as the interior and exterior door handles, steering wheel, gear stick etc.

Seasonal Must-Haves

Be ready to face the weather always. So, depending on the time of the year and where you live, always carry a few season-specific essentials in your car.

  • Monsoons: Keep an umbrella or windcheater to keep you covered if you need to step outside in the rain.
  • Winter: Carry an extra jacket or coat and a lightweight blanket, especially when travelling with kids.
  • Summer: Sunglasses do more than just make you look cool; they can protect your eyes from harsh sunlight, glare, wind and dust, ensuring your vision is not compromised. They are a must during summer but can be worn in other climates too.

Cleaning Essentials

There are several types of cleaning products that can come in handy while driving. And most don’t take up too much space. So, make sure to keep the following in your car:

  • Car cleaning products: A microfiber towel and car cleaning spray can keep mirrors, windows, and the sunroof spotless. A duster and wet wipes are ideal for cleaning the dashboard, gearbox and other areas.
  • Tissue box: From wiping your hands and face to cleaning spills in your car, a tissue paper box will always come in handy. In the current scenario, tissues are necessary if you have a cough or cold as they can be disposed of easily.
  • Trash bag: Whether it is your daily commute or a road trip, you tend to gather small pieces of trash; parking tickets, bills, chocolate wrappers etc. Having a trash bag in your car eliminates the need to stuff this rubbish inside cup-holders and side storage units, or throw it out the window while waiting at a signal – all of which are big no-nos.

Safety Necessities

You never know what kind of situation you could be faced with while driving in your city or outside. That’s why you should always be prepared to ensure optimum safety for you and others in the car.

  • First aid kit: The first and last time you saw such a kit was while taking delivery of your car. Since then, the first-aid kit has either been thrown out or is languishing somewhere in your car’s boot. Such a kit is a must have in your ride and should include adhesive band-aids, cotton, antibiotic ointment, saline solution, aspirin, ibuprofen, or other pain-relieving medication. Always keep the kit in your car to provide temporary relief in case of minor cuts or injuries. A good practice is checking the expiry dates on the items from time to time.
  • Phone charger: Your phone can be a lifeline, especially on long drives or when in unfamiliar places. So, carry a charging wire to prevent your battery from running down. All Ford cars have a centrally-located media bin, with two illuminated USB ports that you can use to plug in your smartphone and easily stow it there as you drive.
  • Flashlights and reflective triangles: In case your car breaks down on a highway in the dark, having a flashlight and reflective triangles will warn oncoming vehicles about your presence and make you more visible.

Comfort Needs

You can make every drive a comfortable and enjoyable one with just a few additions to your car.

  • Quick bites: Carrying a few easy-to-eat snacks, like energy bars, biscuits or nuts, can give you instant energy and quell hunger pangs for the time being. You can take an extra step and carry small packets of food that you can give to those in need or stray animals.
  • Change of clothes: A spare set of clothes can come in handy if you get drenched in the rain or make sudden plans to go out with friends.

Aroma diffuser

According to studies, pleasant fragrances have a positive influence on the mind. So, place an aroma diffuser in your car to remove odours or musky smells, and stay relaxed while driving.

Grocery Bag

You’ve probably made countless impromptu grocery runs while driving back home after work, realised you don’t have a shopping bag when you reach the supermarket, are either forced to buy one or do without it. So, make sure you have a few spare reusable grocery bags in your car at all times. This way, you are covered every time you need to make a quick stop to pick up eatables, medical supplies or anything else.

These are a few things that you must always carry in your car. Apart from them, you can also keep a few other essentials such as water bottle, lip balm or anything else that you need. Fortunately, Ford cars have multiple smart storage compartments, that allow easy access to all the essentials you need.