Buying Your Child Their First Car? Here’s a Guide to Help You

Children go through different milestones, be it learning to cycle or passing their driving test. And each achievement evokes joy and pride in their parents. New journeys, like going away to college or their first job in a new city, are proof that your child has grown into the responsible, young adult. But no matter how old they get, you try to ensure that each new phase of their life is safe and as effortless as possible. And that includes helping them pick their very first car. But do you know if the car you are choosing is right for your child? Don’t worry, we have your back. Ask yourself these five simple questions before making a purchase and chances are you will not go wrong with your choice. Read on.

Is it Safe for My Child?

Let’s start with the most essential must-have – safety. There’s nothing more important than keeping your child protected. But, unfortunately, nearly 70% car buyers in India don’t consider safety as a top purchase reason, a recent Ford Twitter Survey with more than 20,000 respondents revealed. Therefore, no purchase is worth your effort if you don’t check safety that your preferred car offers.

Essential, safety features include airbags (the more, the better), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), traction control and superior quality metal (conductive alloys). But you must not stop at a few features printed in a brochure. Read the fine print and get to know about some inherent safety features, like build quality of the models you are considering as well.

For Ford, driver and passenger safety has always been a top priority. Ford was among the first carmakers in India to make dual airbags standard across its product range. Today, Ford cars are not just built tough but offer several best-in-segment safety features, such as up to seven airbags for all around protection; standard ABS and EBD; traction control & use of other superior material that reduce other safety hazards. Before you make your decision, don’t forget to know more about Ford’s safety focus here.

Automatic or Manual?

Choosing the right transmission is a must to ensure your child gets the convenience he or she is looking for. Depending on their preference, you can pick from several manual or automatic transmission options available. While driving enthusiasts love the manual, automatics come with their own advantages like convenience in bumper to bumper traffic or cruising on highways. The fun of an automatic is enhanced if you choose the right technology.

Earlier automatic cars used Automatic Manual Transmissions or AMT technology, which several auto makers in India continue offer. AMTs, although vastly improved, may not be your ideal choice if you want a fun-to-drive vehicle. As global customers desired improved drivability in automatic cars, technologies like Continuously Variable transmission (CVT), Torque Convertors and Dual-Clutch were developed. If your child likes automatics, make sure you pick the right technology and we would recommend anything upwards of a CVT.

Ford offers greater power of choice with both manual and automatic transmission options on most its vehicles. A five-speed manual is sold on Ford Aspire, Figo, Freestyle & EcoSport. Customers who like the convenience of an automatic can opt for segment-best six-speed torque convertor automatic on the Ford Aspire, Figo & EcoSport. The Ford Endeavour in fact offers world’s-first 10-Speed automatic that gives driver precise shifting and greater engine response.

Compact Hatchback, Sedan of an SUV?

Most cities are overflowing with vehicles, which means tight parking spaces and congested roads. So, if the car is mainly intended for city use, a hatchback or a compact sedan is perhaps the best option as maneuvering them on busy city roads will be easier. Besides, hatchbacks and entry-level sedans not only come with a lower purchase price, they are quite fuel efficient and inexpensive to maintain as well.

Depending on your preference for body style, hatchback Ford Figo or compact sedan Ford Aspire could make for perfect first cars for young drivers and even smaller families. Both these cars are one of the safest and most powerful models in their segment. More importantly, they are packed with numerous safety and convenience features that elevate the driving experience. It could be your kid’s ideal choice.

Young drivers today are also drawn towards SUVs and if that’s the case with your child, pick from Ford EcoSport or Ford Freestyle. Dial-A-Ford at 1800-419-3000 and test drive your preferred Ford at your home.

Smart Technology & Convenience

Technology is at the front and center of practically everything that the younger generation does today. So, it is only apt that the car your child drives is equipped with smart technology features. Touch-screen navigation, rain-sensing wipers, push-button start, remote keyless entry, automatic headlamps and auto-dimming mirror are a few of many smart features that you can find in most Ford cars. Each of these features plays a role in making every drive a safe and pleasant one. The infotainment system on Ford cars is voice-enabled, ensuring that drivers keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, at all times.

Ford cars are also the only ones to offer 100% connectivity via first-of-its-kind FordPass, a mobile connectivity solution that allows owners to remotely start/stop as well as access their vehicle via a mobile app. All BSVI Ford cars to come equipped with a factory-fitted, cloud-connected device that facilitates real-time information exchange — like vehicle health alerts & location, fuel info & more – between the car and the FordPass app. Apart from an easy on the pocket compact car, Ford Figo will give your kid bragging rights with the most versatile connectivity solution.

Is it Easy to Maintain?

Your child will likely use their car not only to commute to college or work but to travel on weekends with their friends. And, owning and caring for a vehicle can be an overwhelming responsibility that they may not be used to. This makes it essential that the car you buy your child is easy to maintain and offers good mileage. So, ensure it comes from a reliable and reputed automobile brand that offers good after-sales network and service.

Ford offers surprisingly affordable maintenance cost that is as low as Rs. 1,400 for a Figo. Ford cars also offer longer service interval of one-year or 10,000 KM between scheduled maintenance, compared to six-months or 5,000 KM for most other car models, ensuring fewer visits to the service center. What’s even better is that Ford transparently mentions all scheduled maintenance and part costs on its website to ensure complete peace of mind for its customers. Check Ford’s Service Price Promise here to know surprisingly affordable maintenance cost for its cars. And if you are ever charged more than what’s displayed on the website, Ford promises to pay for that service.

These are a few essential features that you must consider while looking for a suitable car for your child. And with the Dial-A-Ford initiative, we are making sure to take care of all your Ford related needs. From booking test drives, scheduling service to even buying a new car online, you can avail it all with a simple phone call or via our website.

So, give your kids the key to spread their wings and soar no matter what journey they take.