A Car for Every Festive Occasion

After the first few months of this year brought with it a global pandemic, multiple lockdowns and restrictions, you may have been looking forward to the second half of the year with a hope that things will get better. While we may be stepping out more often, the novel coronavirus is still at large, and you must maintain social distance as well as take precautions.

Now, with August bringing several beautiful festivals – Ganesh Chaturthi, Bonderam Festival and Onam – these restrictions could mean subdued celebrations. Or it could mean embracing these joyful times, despite the pandemic, and making lemonade out of the lemons that life is throwing your way. The choice is yours!

Rev Up That Festive Spirit

You can still keep the essence of festive celebrations intact, albeit on a smaller, more intimate scale. From cooking lavish traditional meals to dressing up to the nines, mark these occasions with all the things that excite you during this time. One particular aspect of the festive season – buying a car – perhaps makes more sense right now than ever before. Not only does having a private vehicle mean better safety for you and your family when travelling, but it also falls perfectly in line with festive traditions. And with Ford, you can be sure of finding the perfect car, whatever the need. Here’s why.

A Car for Everyone

If you live and work in a crowded city, you probably relied on public transport to ferry you between home and the office. But with the threat of pandemic still looming large, it’s best to avoid crowded or shared spaces like public transport. Fortunately, a car like the Ford Figo would make the ideal solution. Its compact body makes manoeuvring narrow, crowded roads easy while ensuring you never have to worry about needing too much parking space.

If you are looking for something roomier for the entire family, and your ideal pick is a sedan, pick the Ford Aspire. It’s the most capable compact sedan in its segment, delivering class-leading power with both petrol and diesel engines as well as outstanding fuel economy. Know more about this car here.

For fans of utility vehicles that are fit for cities as well as occasional road trips, you can pick either the Ford Freestyle or the Ford EcoSport.

Considering this is the beginning of the festive season, there might be more frequent trips with the family, either for shopping or to visit someone. But comfortably accommodating everyone in the same car might be a bit of a problem, right? Well, not with the Ford Endeavour. Capable of seating up to seven people, this SUV makes it easy to travel with loved ones and keep them safe.

Greater Choice

Ford doesn’t only offer you the flexibility to pick from hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs but ensures a more extensive selection, from fuel type to engine and transmission. Most Ford cars offer both, petrol and diesel variants – allowing you to pick the one that best suits you. Add to this the unmatched fun-to-drive characters as well as impressive fuel economy for both versions and you have a winner on your hands.

Anyone who has ever driven a car will agree that to get the best driving experience; it is essential to find a car that meets every preference. And for you, that might mean a car with automatic transmission. Well, Ford ensures this as well; by offering both, automatic and manual transmission options on Ford EcoSport, you can be sure to find a ride that perfectly suits your driving style. Ford recently introduced a value-rich, Titanium variant EcoSport AT to ensure many more people can benefit from the technology.

You will soon have upgraded and more refined automatic options with Ford Figo and Ford Aspire too.

Fun and functional

There’s no doubt that buying a car during the festive season is an auspicious event; but it’s also nice to have something shiny, new and stylish to drive around in when a new year starts. The best part is – with Ford, you can find a car that does not only look great but offers exceptional performance as well. Take the Ford Freestyle, for instance; it just doesn’t sport a UV-like, muscular design to get you the attention, but it offers so much more than just that.

First and foremost, it isn’t a hatchback masquerading as a utility vehicle. Ford Freestyle is in fact India’s first compact utility vehicle (CUV) with capabilities to justify the tag. Its powerful engines options help you take on any terrain – from open city roads to steep inclines that are off the beaten path. The small, light and fuel-efficient three-cylinder 1.2L TiVCT petrol engine on the Freestyle generates best-in-class 96 PS of peak power, 120 Nm of torque, while Ford’s renowned 1.5L TDCi engine delivers 100 PS peak power and 215 Nm of torque.

More importantly, it makes every drive safer with features like Active Rollover Prevention, Electronic Stability Program, Electronic Brake Force Distribution and up to six airbags, the most in its segment among other things. Know more about Freestyle’s safety feature here.

Adding to the joy of the upcoming festive season, Ford India introduced a a new, top-of-the-line variant to the Freestyle line up called Freestyle Flair. The trendy new Freestyle Flair flaunts sporty red & black theme across exteriors and interiors to further strengthen the CUV’s cool quotient. You can check it out here.

Top Notch Safety

Personal safety has become a popular topic of conversation in recent times. But Ford has been prioritising safety long before this trend caught on. It is why the brand ensures that its cars – from the Ford EcoSport to the Figo – have six airbags to ensure protection for every passenger. In addition to this, features like Anti-lock Braking System and Hill Launch Assist ensure better control over the vehicle in tight situations, reducing the risk of skidding and collision.

Apart from these, Ford cars are also packed with other safety features, such as the rear-view camera which offers visibility when reversing or parking the car, Emergency Assistance which can engage emergency services in case you meet with an accident. Cruise Control ensures the car stays steady and stable when it hits a specific speed, increasing safety and making driving more enjoyable. Other features like automatic headlamps, rain-sensing wipers, auto-dimming mirror, etc., not only up the safety quotient but also ensure more convenience when driving.

Comfort For All

Today, comfort extends to more than just plush seats that make journeys bearable. Of course, cars like the Ford Endeavour offer 16-way power-adjustable seats that allow you to get the perfect height and seating position. But there are several other comfort-driven features that Ford cars offer.

  • The Automatic Climate Control regulates the cabin temperature to your liking and adjusts blower speed based on outside conditions to maintain that temperature. This ensured you won’t have to fiddle with knobs while driving
  • Similarly, the Push Button Start – a feature available in most Ford variants – ensures you can start and stop easily, especially when caught in traffic.
  • Meanwhile, the touchscreen infotainment systems available in Ford cars offer easy navigation and make it possible to listen to music and even take or make phone calls, all without having to take your hands off the steering wheel.
  • For even greater convenience, all Ford cars offer key-less entry, rain-sensing wipers and automatic headlights among other innovative features that ensure you can keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, at all times

From technology to comfort, safety to design, there’s practically no box that Ford leaves unchecked. To make your car purchase during this bizarre festive period even easier, Ford’s Dial-A-Ford service ensures you can get a test drive and buy your brand-new Ford car without any worry by just calling our toll-free number, 1800-419-3000. You can also book your favourite Ford online via www.booking.india.ford.com and we will deliver your brand new Ford car, right at your doorstep.

The best thing about festivals is that they give you something to look forward to. So, let Ford make the festive season special and unique for you and your family all while staying safe and making the most of these celebrations.