Tips for New Drivers to Keep Anxiety Away on The Road

Let’s be honest, we’ve all dreamed about driving along an endless, open highway, the wind in our hair and no care in the world. But while some people are natural-born drivers, getting behind the wheel can make a few others rather anxious. This is especially true when you are new to driving and don’t have all that experience to hit the road on your own.

That, however, should not stop you from learning, and eventually enjoying, this key life skill. Preparing yourself to overcome your fears takes you one step closer to accomplishing the challenge.

A good way to overcome such fears is to choose the car that has the right technology and is built tough to keep you safe in all situations. Read this article where we tell you about must-have new-age technologies in your car.

But, while a car can do as much, you can largely overcome your anxiety of driving by following these tips. Read on.

Positive Thoughts Only

On the road or otherwise, a positive mental attitude can change the way you perceive your fears. So, when you are driving, always think of positive affirmation that makes you feel secure and confident. “I am driving carefully and within the speed limit”, “I am safe inside my car”, “I have my journey planned”, etc. These are reassuring chants that will put you at ease every time you get behind a wheel until you feel no need to chant them anymore.

In addition to a positive outlook, the strong build quality of your Ford car offers added reassurance of your safety. Ford cars are designed to combat air resistance well and keep your vehicle firmly planted on the road, allowing you to drive fearlessly. Ford ensures top-most safety in all its cars. From the Ford EcoSport to the Figo, all Ford models are the only ones in their segment to offer up to six airbags to ensure protection for every passenger.

Drive with Someone

Driving should be a pleasurable experience and it’s difficult for you to keep anxiety at bay, try to have someone sit by you to help you relax. Sometimes it is not the fear of driving but the feeling of being alone that can trigger anxiety. As a licensed driver, you know you are certified to drive; however, having a loved one next to you can calm the nerves.

Listen to Music

Music is a distraction only if you let it be. Keep your music low, listen to soft beats that soothe your mind while sitting behind the wheel. The SYNC 3 infotainment system, offered on Ford EcoSport S and Ford Endeavour, allows you hands-free access to music. This voice-enabled technology easily pairs with your phone using Bluetooth and can assist you if you need to make calls in case of an emergency. Most Ford cars offers and variants offer a touchscreen-based infotainment system that is easy to operate, seamlessly pairs with your phone and allows you to control your music while keeping your eyes on the road. With intelligent technology keeping you safe, you can feel more confident about driving.

Try Daytime Driving

If you’re a novice trying to master your driving skills, avoid driving at night. Often, the lack of light could make you feel more nervous. And always have a bottle of water in your car, in case you get anxious and thirsty.

Of course, if you do have to drive at night, your Ford EcoSport can make you feel more confident. The electrochromic technology in the car’s rear-view mirror automatically darkens at night in response to headlights, reducing the glare in your eyes. This can make nighttime driving more comfortable and safe. The auto-dimming mirrors are available with all Ford cars.

Practice Until You’re Ready

One of the biggest reasons people get anxious while driving is because they are unsure of their skills. Take time to practice on empty roads with a professional instructor or a reliable loved one and slowly ease yourself onto busy streets. Your Ford car can also prevent you from making rookie mistakes like not turning on the headlamps when it’s getting dark, owing to its automatic headlamps. These automatically light up and dim beams during your drive based on the outside conditions. There are a whole host of convenience technologies all Ford cars offer that you can read about here.

If you are the ones who are helping your loved one practice driving, then read our tips here that’ll help you become a better teacher.

Trust Your Car

While you shouldn’t underestimate your driving skills, you should trust your choice of the car too. Picking the right car is quintessential to feeling confident while driving. You should make sure that the car you are picking meets all your needs and keeps you safe, at all times. You can ask yourselves these five questions to be sure that the car you are picking is right for you.

With a vehicle portfolio to meet your diverse needs, Ford offers cars that don’t just meet but exceed your expectations. So, choose a Ford depending on your need and let our cars take care of your anxiety.

Being hesitant about driving is common, and it’s human. However, by following the above steps, you can overcome your fears and conquer the roads. So, all the best, and be safe!